Sunday, September 7, 2014

S is for Seattle Trip & More (ABC Blogging)

Ben and Me

The last week of August we made what is now becoming an annual trek to Seattle for our family vacation. This year's vacation had to be very small since the IRS felt they needed a chunk of our hard earned money. Our original plan was to see the Lombardi Trophy (Superbowl Trophy), but would you believe that the Seahawks did not have it on display anywhere? I was told it was being "polished". Yea, right!

Anyhow, we still had a great time and found other things to do. We did our usual visits--American Girl, Hobby Lobby (though I now have one located 20 minutes away), and Half-Price Books. We also checked out the Future of Flight Aviation Center & Boeing Tour and Woodland Park Zoo. We also had one evening that we spent with friends. A late evening, but very enjoyable.

We left Seattle on Saturday and stopped at the Centralia Outlet Mall to hit the VF Factory Store's Pro Shop Tent sale that was full of Seahawks playoff and Superbowl shirts for $5 to $10. My boys had a great time and even Destini and I got in on the fun and got shirts.

Another thing we normally do is attend the State Fair, but with our late vacation we didn't think it was possible. On Labor Day after a particularly stressful day my husband and I decided to just throw caution to the wind and just go. So we did. Here are some pictures of our Seattle trip and State Fair fun.

Boeing-Zoo Trip 
1. Driving in to the Boeing Plant.
2. Shade and the kids getting read to go on the tour.
3. Since Delani wasn't tall enough for the tour so we had to entertain ourselves for 1 1/2 while they took the tour.
4. Delani in an airplane cock-pit.
5. Taking selfies--we were getting bored!
6. On the the zoo.
7. Checking out the display.
8. Finally, we sighted an animal. (I now know why people have to buy a membership to the zoo. It takes that long to see every animal in the zoo.)
9. Yea! Delani finally found the lions!
 AG-Seahawks Sale 
10. At the American Girl Store. Delani loves the Itty-Bitty Twins Stroller.
11. I was trying to convince Chantry to baby-sit his sister's dolls for a few minutes. He wasn't going for it.
12. Four new outfits for her Itty-Bitty Twins. Both girls were excited to spend their gift cards that they received from their uncle and aunt for Christmas.
13. Destini was excited to get some new outfits for her dolls. They just had released the new Beforever product line. Though she ended up not getting any clothes for her Samantha doll, I know an outfit or two will end up on her Christmas list.
14. Seahawks sale!!
15. The Seahawk fan--including the sunglasses.
 Oregon State Fair 2014
16. The State Fair. We were joined by our friends, John and Sarah.
17. Destini received a 3rd place ribbon for her quilt and a 2nd place ribbon for her cross-stitch.
18. I won a 1st Place ribbon for a dress I made.
19-22. Ice cream for everyone (including Destini who is not shown).
23. While everyone loves ice cream I had to find something more spectacular. I AM at the fair. I settle on a Carmel Apple Deluxe funnel cake. This has become a new favorite. Imagine a funnel cake topped with Bavarian cream, apples, sprinkled with powdered sugar, a pile of whip cream, drizzled with caramel sauce, and sprinkled with cinnamon. Trust me, it was awesome! I had a lot of help in eating it, though I really felt the need to take it and hide.

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