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Happy Kids Songs (TOS Review)

Happy Kids Songs Review
I think most of people are aware of the importance of music and how it can enhance and help a child to learn. I recently had the opportunity to review Friends & Sharing, Happiness & Attitude, and Manners & Character, music audio entertainment products produced by Happy Kids Songs.

Happy Kids

Happy Kids Songs focuses on teaching children important social, emotional, and character skills all through the power of music. This program is produced by Don MacMannis, who is a music writer and director for the PBS series, Jay Jay the Jet Plane. The themes of these songs along with the words address some of the most important issues the children ages 4-8 are experiencing.

I was able to review Friends & Sharing, Manners & Characters, and Happiness & Attitude. Each set of albums include 5 songs that are available for download. These can be burned to a CD or played on the computer, iTunes, or mp3 player.

Friends and Sharing include songs that discuss such topics as ingredients of friendship, reaching out to others, including others in play, being happy with a friend, sharing time together, and saying good-bye. Manners & Characters covers honesty, learning manners, appreciating differences, the Golden Rule, honoring others perspectives. Happiness & Attitude covers having an "I can" attitude, giving complements, handling limitations, happiness, being together and apart.

Also available is the Happy Kids Songs Workbook that includes hands-on activities, coloring pages and song lyrics to help the parents and child to learn how to apply the lessons taught through the songs. This book includes activities for all the the audio albums that Happy Kids Songs offer.

I used burned these songs on a CD for my 6 year old daughter, Delani. I am not sure why, but she took a great dislike to these songs. I tried having her listen to them while she played, while she went to sleep, or just playing in the background throughout the day and she would always ask to turn them off. Outside of her being an extremely opinionated child, I wondered if many of the songs dealt with topics that she has never experienced and she didn't find them relatable.

I have to admit that I could relate with her. While I think many of the topics covered are important for kids to learn they seemed to be lacking in depth. I want my kids to learn these life lessons, but I prefer these lessons to be taught with Biblical principles. Yes, I know that these could be used along with the Bible, and yes, I am aware that a few of songs were based on Biblical principles, but I found too many of them based more on today's psychology rather than the Bible. I will admit these music albums aren't something I wouldn't purchase for my kids, but I could see how they could be fun for a very musically inclined child.

That being said, one thing I really liked about the Happy Kids Songs was the quality of the music. I consider myself a music snob and find a lot of kids' music to be very bland. Not so with these music albums. The music is modern, upbeat, catchy, and overall very pleasing to the ear.

 Head on over to Happy Kids Songs to see what they have to offer. Friends & Sharing, Manners & Character, and Happiness & Attitude are available for $4.95 for a 5 song download or .99 a single song download. The workbook is available for $12.56.

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