Friday, July 25, 2014

M is for Meeting (Blogging Through the Alphabet)

Ben and Me 
M is for Meeting

Every since I can remember I have always gone to church camp meeting. It has been a part of my life growing up, it was a part of my husband's life growing up, and now it is a part of my children's life.

A few years ago here in Oregon our camp meeting was moved from a campgrounds to a convention center and renamed Family Conference. We are blessed it is held in our city and we don't have travel very far (plus I get to sleep in my own bed). While having it a convention center is still as enjoyable I do have to admit that freezing from air conditioning really isn't doing much for me.

This week we have been busy attending Family Conference. My kids are enjoying their classes, we have been blessed from the Bible teaching and preaching, and it is always great to fellowship with friends that we haven't seen for awhile.

So we are off to enjoy our last day!

 2014-07-25 10.02.37-1

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  1. Sounds like a neat experience, so glad you can enjoy it as a family. Such beautiful kiddos!



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