Friday, July 11, 2014

K is for Kitchen Appliance (The New One)

Ben and Me

Kitchen Appliance 
When we bought out house one thing we knew we were going to have to do was to replace the cheap stove and dishwasher that came in the house. Our previous house had a really nice stove in it so I thought that I would look into replacing the stove first and live with the dishwasher for a while. Well, that has not happened at all!

The dishwasher that had been installed was a very cheap model that contractor's put into houses. What surprised me is that it actually had a handle that you had to flip to lock the dishwasher. I don't think I had seen a dishwasher like that in years. But I was okay with that. I should of know though that it was doomed the first time I went to load it. It wouldn't even fit all our of supper dishes into it neither would it fit some of our tall glasses. With a family of six that isn't a good thing!

So I reconciled myself to the fact that I would have to do a few more loads during the week and I would also have to do some hand washing for the items that wouldn't fit in the dishwasher. But then that  dishwasher decided that it didn't know how to clean the dishes either. Pretty soon we started having several loads throughout the week that had weird food particles on it (which didn't make sense since we were rinsing the dishes), or a weird powdery substance on the dishes, or nasty water left in the bottom that hadn't drained correctly in the wash cycle.

By this time a new dishwasher was looking more like a necessity than just an upgrade. Many times I was having to rewash the loads by hand which doesn't make sense when I already ran water to wash it. For my birthday I received some money to go toward a dishwasher so off I went to look at them. After recovering from the prices, my husband and I settled on that little beauty pictured above with the shiny inside.

We are now having to relearn how to load our new dishwasher (which fits all of our dinner dishes, plus the tall cups) plus getting used to just scrapping our dishes and not giving them a full rinse. It has been pretty exciting to open the newly washed and dried load and find clean dishes! (Another plus is that is hopefully going to save money on the water bill by not having to rinse everything--an answer to prayer since the kids were doing a lot of the rinsing and using a ton of water.)

Side note: Do you know how hard it was to come up with a "K" word? Let me tell you I really had to rack the brain.


  1. We just got almost the exact same model (except no shiny interior) just last month!

  2. Nice! Our dishwasher was out of commission for a couple weeks and I was NOT happy. It's amazing how much we get used to these appliances. I know some people thing we get too dependent, but I sure prefer stuffing the dishwasher and then going out to play with the kids instead of standing at the sink for an hour washing and drying everything!

    1. With a lot of mind over matter I could go back to washing dishes by hand, but it would be tough. I was amazed at how much my lower back hurt just from washing dishes by hand.



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