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HomeSchoolPiano (TOS Review)

Homeschool Piano Review

Destini is currently taking piano lessons, but we recently had the opportunity to review HomeSchoolPiano - Complete Set of Books from HomeSchoolPiano, a program that offers instant online access to lessons, to help enhance her lessons.

Homeschool Piano Review

HomeSchoolPiano is a piano course for all ages where you can learn to play piano on your own schedule. These lessons are available to watch online which makes it convenient to watch either on your computer, a tablet, or smartphone. Outside of piano or keyboard you don't need anything else to complete these lessons.
Homeschool Piano Review

HomeSchoolPiano has a 6-step cycle to help a student master the piano and to be successful while learning. The cycle includes:
  • Technique - Developing speed and dexterity
  • Rhythm - Using vocalization to learn rhythm accurately
  • Ear Training - Learning to hear rhythm, harmony, and melody for playing and improvising
  • Reading Music - Learning to read music to help with learning and composing songs
  • Song - Learning a song by applying learned techniques
  • Improvisation - Applying techniques in your own way
Homeschool Piano Review

HomeschoolPiano offers their CorePiano along with 3 books or levels. CorePiano includes 33 lessons that cover the basics of piano. Topics like high and low notes, finger numbers, half and whole steps, time signatures, and many other fundamental music terms. These lessons are always available to the student no matter which book they are working in.

After going through CorePiano a beginning student would start Book 1. Books 1-3 are set up with six lessons. Each lesson includes 6 original songs that the student will learn. Book 1 is considered "perfect for beginners". Topics covered in Book 1 included quarter notes and rests, dynamics, 5 finger pattern in C major, minor, and blues scales, creating licks, bass accompianment and more.

Book 2 is recommended for a student who has some piano experience and is considered the "building the foundation" level. It teaches such topics as left hand independence and exercise, C major and minor triads, full C major scale, creating triads, inversions of triads, and more. If a student or adult has

Book 3 focuses on "unlocking the pianist within" and works with the student on creating piano arrangement. It teaches major and minor 5 finger scales in all 12 keys, chord arpeggios, Latin music introduction, using the pedals of the piano, Rock piano style and more.

The lessons work with signing into HomeschoolPiano and picking the level you are going to begin with. I used this with Destini, who though she is currently taking piano lessons she didn't feel she could start at Book 2 so she started with Book 1. She used the browser on our iPad to access the lessons. After picking Book 1 she then picked Unit 1 and worked her way through each lesson: Technique, Rhythm, Ear Training, Reading Music, Song, and Improvisation. At the end of every lesson there is a bonus lesson which enhances all the techniques she just learned. Also, each level includes a PDF download of all the music and other sheets that will be needed for the lessons. I was able to put them on our iPad, but Destini liked them in a printed format better.

From where Destini started she was able to do all the lessons by herself without much guidance from me. She worked through 3-4 lessons a week and was able to pretty much complete each lesson. I asked her what she thought and she felt that the lessons were useful even though she is already taking lessons. She did feel that if a student was just beginning lessons they may find them challenging and be very faithful in practicing. Her favorite part was doing Improvisation lessons.

Several things that I liked was:
  • The program keeps track of where you left off at. 
  • I loved how rhythm was taught.
  • Piano is taught in a fun way. 
  • You could sit at the piano with the iPad and watch and do the lesson at the same time.
A few things that I wanted to note is that I do feel an adult need to be overlooking these lessons with a student, especially a beginning student. Because of the fun feel to the program I felt it was easy to just let Destini go have fun with it and not treat it as seriously as "real" piano lessons. Many of these lessons were pretty challenging and if a person didn't have any piano background I could see causing frustration. Overall, HomeschoolPiano is a program worth looking into for a beginner or an enhancement for a current piano student.

HomeSchoolPiano has two payment packages and the pricing is as follows:
1. Success Package (One payment of $299) Unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.
2. Payment Plan (Payments of $99.97 per month for three months): Unlimited life-time access to HomeSchoolPiano along with all bonuses (downloads, jam tracks, sheet music) for up to 5 students.

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