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Progeny Press Frog and Toad Together Study Guide (TOS Review)

Progeny Press Review

Progeny Press is a name that is very well known for their literature study guides that come from a Christian perspective. Even if you have never used a study guide, I'm sure you have heard their name. Recently, I was able to review Frog and Toad Together E-guide, along with my daughter, Delani.

Progeny Press Review

Progeny Press offers study guides for Lower Elementary through High School. The guides give students the opportunity to work through a story by noticing and understanding how an author writes a story. It also shows them how to find the themes and ideas that are introduced in a story.

The Frog and Toad Study E-Guide is recommended for K-3rd grade. The study guides included:
  • A synopsis of the story.
  • About the Author 
  • Activities to do before you read the book. 
  • Questions and projects for each chapter. 
  • A Venn diagram to work through. 
  • A word search puzzle.
  • Book resource suggestions
It is recommended that the student read (or have read aloud) the week before you read the study guide. Then they are to go through each chapter's questions and projects. The questions asked range from looking for ideas from the book, reading and applying scripture verses it to ideas presented in the book, and asking personal questions on how a certain idea looks in their life. Each question had a space for a child or parent to write the answer down if so desired. At the end of each chapter was a project for the student to do. These included printing a special page from the study guide, doing an art project, or actually purchasing supplies to do the project.

I used this with Delani, who is six and hasn't officially started school. I borrowed the book from the library (Why I don't own this book is beyond me!) and the first week we spent read through the story. The next week we started the study guide. Since this isn't a long book we read through each chapter first before answering the questions and doing the projects.

Since Delani is not reading or writing yet, I just asked the questions from the study guide and she would answer me to the best of her ability. If she didn't know how to answer I would talk her through the question to make sure she understood. We then would take a day or two and work on a project before heading into the next chapter.

Progeny Press 
Delani really liked the story and many of the projects. I felt many of the questions were for older kids. The projects fell more into her age category. She made a list, planted seeds, drew a picture of what makes her afraid, along with another picture of a dream that scared her. Her favorite projects to do was to make a list, plant seeds,  and make cookies (see more here).

Personally, I feel a study guide at this age is unnecessary. Delani really enjoyed the story and on her own was able to form her own ideas by listening and looking at the pictures. This study guide was a better fit for a 2nd-3rd grader that enjoys writing, though you could use the questions for discussion with a child who struggles with writing. I feel the value of the Progeny Press Study Guides is better applied toward an older student to help them understand literature with a Christian perspective.

The Frog and Toad Study E-Guide is available for download through Progeny Press for $11.99 a paper edition is also available for $11.99.

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