Tuesday, May 13, 2014

C is for Cookies

Ben and Me

Measuring ingredients and very excited to make cookies.
Delani have been working on a review for Progeny Press using The Frog and Toad Together Study Guide. An activity included making cookies like Toad and Frog. Now I am going to interject here that I am the world's worst for cooking with my kids in the kitchen. It stresses me out! But Delani was begging me to make cookies so I braced myself for the adventure and an adventure we had. 

 I picked out a recipe for the Best Oatmeal Cookies recipe that I had found on Pinterest. She was a little miffed that I picked out the recipe because she wanted to pick it out. (Yes, I have a little choleric on my hands.) I finally convinced her that these would be good and we would add chocolate and butterscotch chips to them and make them really yummy. Everything was going great and then it came time to add the dry ingredients. She asked me if she could turn on the mixer and I told her yes. Then...she proceeded to turn it all the way on high and boy, did the flour fly!!

 Oh, no!!!!!!

After getting the mixer turned off I looked at the mess and I'll be honest, I felt irritated. I also a little girl who was very disappointed. So we laughed and we kept moving on. I prayed the cookies would still turn out since we had lost quite a bit of the dry ingredients. 

 Ready to go in the oven.

 The finished cookies which were delicious.

The cookies turned out successful and were a big hit with the family, plus I had a very happy little girl. We also made a special memory that we can laugh about for quite a while.

Now to clean up.


  1. I'm sure that Delani will remember this as such a fun and funny experience. It could have been the opposite. Way to go momma!

    Thanks for linking up with #abcblogging!

  2. Cooking in the kitchen with my mom and sister is one of my favorite ways to make memories-even when it took five hours to seed a pomegranate because I didn't know what I was doing, or part of Thanksgiving dinner gets spilled on the floor. Good for you, cooking and having fun, mess and all :)



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