Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Random Thoughts

March 7 Collage 
We have had a very busy two weeks around here. I also have been really bad about taking pictures so my collage is pretty pitiful. So anyhow...

1 & 2. Last weekend I hosted a baby shower for a lady in our church. It was a great success. I did get a little panicky when people kept showing up and showing up and showing up, but it all turned out for the good. I made some flannel baby blankets along with minky burp cloths.

Flannel blankets and minky burp cloths.

3. We went on a field trip to the Marion-Polk County Food Share. The kids were allowed to pack up some cabbages. 

4. Destini had fun playing in the sand. It kept her entertained for a couple of hours.

5. Even though we have had a pretty hectic week which has affected our school schedule (Chantry is catching up on First Language Lessons) I was able to finish up our literature reading of Oliver Twist with Destini and Chantry. 

Caleb has wrapped up his Economics study and is almost finished with his Bridgeport English 1. Now it is time to work on writing and Government. 
Diaper Cake March 2014
Diaper cake

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