Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials - Day 3: The iPad, Kindle, & More

Essentials Day 3
I will be the first to admit that we aren't technology gurus. I know there are many who could write circles around what I am going to share today, but I did want to share how the iPad, Kindle, and our computers are essentials in enhancing learning in our homeschool.

Years ago when the iPad came I wasn't too sure if we really needed one. We were able to get one through a rewards program that my husband's work offers. Our main reason was so my husband could put his sermons on it to preach from. Well, it has never been used for that but it has become an essential for my kids.

Here's why:  It made accessing information easier. With the iPad they just have to hit an app and they pretty much have anything at their finger tip. The two most used apps on our iPad is the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and the Google Search app. Yes, I know these can be looked up on the computer, but for some reason my kids wouldn't do it. The iPad has helped to break down this barrier.

I also like that I have easier access to the Internet and don't have to haul my computer around the house. We are currently doing a review of Kinderbach and I have accessed the lessons using Safari and then we set the iPad on the piano and work on the lesson.

We do hope to add another iPad in another year.  Maybe then my husband can finally preach his sermons from it!

Kid's current iPad essentials*:
My current iPad essentials*:
*Most every app that we use is a free app or was offered as a free app.

The Kindle
I hate to read books on the computer! About 3 or 4 years ago I purchased a Kindle 2 mainly to be able to have access to out of print books or a cheaper alternative to a school books. Then a few years later my husband got me the Kindle Fire (before the iPad). I honestly felt I would hate reading on it due to the backlight, but it turned out that I preferred it over the Kindle 2.

Even though the Kindle Fire has apps, it really only ever gets used for reading books on it. We still use the Kindle 2 for an extra when needed. It is funny how my daughter prefers reading from the Kindle 2 and my boys prefer from the Kindle Fire, though they all prefer reading real books over the Kindle.

I think what I like the most about the Kindle is all the free books you have access to. It can be very addicting!

Kid's current Kindle essentials:
My current Kindle essentials:
Even though I love using the iPad (or iPhone if necessary), our computers are a big essential. Math drills, typing, school plans, and some curriculum is on the computer.

Kid's current computer essentials:

My current computer essentials:
  • For everything, except washing clothes and dishes, cleaning the house, and making meals! 
Coming up tomorrow--A Schedule

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials 
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  1. I would definitely find it hard to homeschool without my technology!



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