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Simply Put: A Study in Economics by Catherine Jaime (Review & Giveaway!!)

Economics Review & Giveaway
Caleb is in his last year of high school and one of the subjects he has been working on is economics. I researched throughout the summer and did a lot of reading and settled on what he would be required for his 1/2 for economics. Recently I had the opportunity to review the paperback edition of Simply Put: A Study In Economics by Catherine Jaime and the PDF of the Teacher Key.

Simply Put: A Study In Economics is a high school economics course written especially for homeschoolers. Catherine Jaime, who is a homeschooling mom and loves the topic of economics, couldn't find a economics textbook that didn't put her to sleep. This began a desire in her to write her own textbook which she writes from a conservative perspective and an Austrian economics school of thought.

Simply Put: A Study In Economics is arranged in thirty-six lessons and can be completed in one semester by averaging two lessons a week. The textbook is meant to satisfy a 1/2 credit of economics and can be turned into one credit with recommended resources which she provides in the book. Also included are review questions for each chapter along with a mid-term and final exam.

Simply Put covers many topics such as the role of prices, supply and demand, economic philosophies, division of labor, capitalism, socialism, money, etc. There are a lot of quotes or excerpts from famous economists and books spread through out the readings. Each chapter is very readable and easy to understand. Vocabulary words are in bold print through out the readings with a glossary included at the end of the book. The appendixes at the end of the book cover many different topics and a few activities.

The Teacher Key has the answers for the mid-term and final tests and also includes a National Budget Activity and a game that shows from trade in action.

When I looked for resources for Caleb to do this year I was looking for curriculum that was engaging, interesting, and easy to apply to what is happening today. (In other words a "living book". Yeah, I know, don't laugh!) Honestly, I was satisfied with what Caleb has done so far for economics, but after reading this book I decided this book covered some topics that couldn't be missed and that I knew weren't covered in the other resources he was using. Yes, this book has been added to his work load!

So what did I like so well about this book? Several things! While not what I would term a "living book" it did fit what I had been looking for (see above paragraph). It also covered some topics that I found fascinating myself. Here are a few:
  • The Constitution and Economics - This chapter takes the reader through each section of the Constitution and applies economics principles to it.
  • Greed, Self-Interest, and Profit - Bad things, right? You'll have to read it to find out!
  • The Evils of Machinery? - Covers the arguments against them and then shows the truth behind what machinery has done for society.
  • "Middle Men" - Meddlesome or Useful? - Discusses the critical role of distribution.
  • Competition vs. Monopolies - Can competition actually be a good thing?
  • Minimum Wages - This topic had never crossed my mind when it came to economics. I am now wiser!
  • Unemployment and Unions - Goes hand in hand with the minimum wage chapter.
This book does a great job of introducing economics and can be used as a starting place for a student that is highly interested in economics or for the student that doesn't have a clue. Because the chapter are on the short side it can easily be used with an interested middle school student or for 1/2 credit for a high school student.

I found Simply Put: A Study In Economics Student Book to be a great addition to our economic study and it will go to the top of the list for when my next student covers economics.

Simply Put: A Study In Economics is available in:
Paperback - $17.55
Kindle - $6.99
PDF - $6.99
Simply Put: A Study in Economics Teacher Key Kindle format - .99
These and other economic resources are also available on the author's website here.

I am exited to be able to giveaway digital edition of Simply Put: A Study of Economics Student and Teacher's books.

Also, there is a special homeschool giveaway for Simply Put: A Study of Economics. Included is the complete collection of digital titles by Catherine Jaime plus a three month subscription to A+Tutorsoft in the grade level of your choice. Click here and enter this giveaway valued at $325+.

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  1. I've never heard of this one! Sounds good! :-)

  2. Love to know more about this program. We have a high school kid at home and haven't took economic course yet. Thanks for the giveaway.



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