Friday, October 11, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Random 5 on Friday

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October 11 Collage
1. Science experiment from Apologia's
Exploring Creation with Chemistry & Physics.2. I made Destini
clear out her pile of books in her room that she has read lately.
3. What I'm reading. 4. Delani is preparing for winter already.
1. I went and picked out new glasses on Monday and today I picked them up. Since the prescription is different I have now entered the 'twilight zone' as my eyes adjust to them.
2. I am ready for daylight savings time to be over NOW! Getting up out of bed early in the morning is not working around here!
3. We (maybe I should say "I") survived our homeschool week. It wasn't the best and it wasn't the worst, it just was there. It was just there. Last week we did great for our Morning/Circle Time--this week not so good. Chantry did another presentation at Co-op. Poor kid, I kept forgetting to get him started on something to present and finally has to work a little harder to get our Scripture memory done a week earlier than planned. He did pretty well, considering.
4. My reading is going great, though I have a bunch of different books going at once. This is what using Ambleside Online does to you.
5. Caleb went out hunting with his Papa and Granny on Wednesday. My FIL loves to hunt, but this gene did not pass on to my husband. We are so pathetic we don't even own a gun. Anyway, they saw tracks, but no deer. He also got to shoot his Granny's .22 pink camouflage pistol (I was really wishing I had a picture of this!). Overall, he had a great time with his grandparents making special memories.
Senior Moment 6
Okay, I really wanted a hunting picture, but he didn't think to bring
his camera so I have to settle for Economics instead. 
Homegrown Learners


  1. Love the stacks of books! I'm enjoying At Home in Dogwood Mudhole as well.

  2. That is a big stack of books. I like the stack of books that you are reading.

  3. My developmentally delayed daughter is ready for winter, too. She insisted on wearing her penguin hat to church. It was not nearly cold enough for it though!



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