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God's World News: Top Story (TOS Review)

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Do you cover current events in your homeschool? Are you wanting to cover current events? Are you struggling to find a resource to help you cover current events? Well, I want to tell you about a God's World News which we have been using for review.
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God's World News is a yearly subscription (10 issues) that covers real-life events with a Biblical perspective. It is available in six-age level editions and covers such topics as science, social studies, geography, religion, and more.

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For review we received the middle school level, Top Story, for August, September, and October and a full size (20x30) world map (also available online). Top Story focuses on "News, Knowledge, and Wisdom" and includes:
  • Editorials
  • Lessons
  • MAP-IT
  • News graphics
  • Quizzes
  • News graphics
  • DEFINE LINE (Word meanings in context)
  • Age-appropriate website-content
Also included in the subscription is an email newsletter for parents which includes answers to the quizzes and topical lessons and biographies which are available for download.
I used this with Destini (13) and Chantry (11), and many time found Caleb (17) delving into it. I put the current issue in a binder along some of the biographies I had printed out. Three days a week I assigned reading for current events and then once a week we would sit down and discuss what they had read. I would also question them on vocabulary words that were applicable to what they read and do a quiz. I would then have them find on the map the places that we had discussed.
We covered many different topics such as illegal immigrants, robots, people moving because of conflict, prejudice, extremism, diaspora. For biographies we covered Ludwig von Mises, Jane Austen, and Hank Aaron. We were also able to access this information from their new web-site,
Honestly, this is such an excellent resource for current events. I really appreciate the Biblical worldview that is presented, which is important to my husband and me in the teaching and training of our children. This publication is not dull in the least. It is very colorful, the articles are interesting, and even if your child isn't dying to read the main articles it is still chocked full of interesting little bite-sized tidbits and fun cartoons which will hold your child's attention.
The articles and biographies offered great opportunities to have in depth discussions with my children. It provided my husband and me with opportunities to share what we thought about certain topics and also what the Bible has to say about many of the topics we discussed. Of course, finding countries on the map was always a big hit and usually had everyone scrambling who could find it first on the map. 
My only slight negative thing I noticed (which was easily fixed) was though Chantry was able to read the articles in Top Story, he did need my help a little more with the quizzes. He would of benefited more from the level down, News Current, but thankfully, we could access kids' information through the website
I highly recommend God's World News for the whole family and consider it to be a great investment in helping you children understand today's world with God's Word. I do want to leave you with one more great benefit of this product--This makes great bathroom reading! When you receive a new issue put the old one in the bathroom. Trust me, they will look through it and share things from it with everyone.
Top Story and the other editions are available through God's World News for $28.00 a year. If you order 2 or more subscriptions you will receive a discount.

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