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Fundanoodle-Muscle Movers: Lower Case Letter Cards & Activity Kit (TOS Review)

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The last few weeks Delani has been using a product for review produced by Fundanoodle. Fundanoodle (isn't that a fun word!) offers fun educational products to get a child ready for writing and other activities. While "playing" with their products a child can:
  • Help fine and gross motor coordination
  • Build hand-eye coordination
  • Explore with hands and eyes
  • Problem solve and build self-esteem 
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I was sent the Muscle Movers: Lower Case Gross Motor Cards for Ages 5-6/K to 1st. These came in a nice sturdy box with a handle on top for carrying and included inside were 26 Muscle Mover (Gross Motor) cards, a large "O" ring, and a small dry-erase marker with a eraser in the top.
On one side of the card it features an animal along with an activity. On the other side of the card there is a letter that can be traced with the dry-erase marker. There is a hole in the top left-hand corner so you can keep the cards together with the "O" ring.
Since Delani loves to write she immediately took off with the cards to trace the letters. We later used the cards as suggested by laying them down and she would select a card  and then do what the animal is doing. When she finished the activity she then would turn the card over and trace the letter.
I like how the cards are very sturdy and can be used with the dry-erase marker. The "O" rings is nice to help with storage, but it was in the way when Delani was just using it write on the cards. They were much easier to use when taken off of the "O" ring.
When we played the game she would do the actions. Most of the activities she could do and then there were a few that introduced some new activities. Sometimes I let her interpret the movements in her own way and that worked well, especially since there were a few cards I wasn't sure exactly what movement was supposed to happening.
As much as Delani enjoyed the game, that is not what drew her to the cards. She much preferred to just trace the letters over and over. I liked that I could watch her make the letters and correct how she was making her letters if she needed it. With the dry-erase marker that made it very easy to do. The size of the letters was perfect for her.
If I had any complaint it would be with the dry-erase pen. The eraser immediately came off when we took it out of the box. I put it back in, but could see it wasn't long for this world. Eventually the tip of the pen got pushed up into the pen and we eventually had to throw it away. This is a small complaint, but I would have liked to see something a little more sturdier since a small child would be using it.
Overall, this was a nice little set. I don't know if it something that I would have bought on my own, but I can definitely see how these would benefit a child that needs to work on building their coordination and such, plus they are a lot of fun!

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