Friday, September 27, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Random 5 on Friday (9/27)

September 27 Collage
1. Wii Fit anyone? Hannah's is showing Caleb it is easy!
2. The most needed thing in the house this week!
3 & 4. Notebooking 5. Caleb working on Bridgeway English
 (upcoming review).6. For some reason Delani is mesmerized
with this book. I laugh every time I see her with it.
6. My little cutie!!!
1. I hate sickness! Chantry started the weekend off with a cold and it immediately spread to over half of us. By Tuesday I came down with it. I think the Kleenex box was the most important thing in the house this week.

2. Fall also decided to arrive with a vengeance (probably why we are sick). Sun one day, windy, rainy and just plain nasty weather the next and everyday afterwards. Of course, in Oregon that means overcast mornings which make it hard to get up. I read this a line in my current fiction read, Daniel Plainway by Van Reid, which I think describes Oregon mornings quite well!
A hint of dawn shone through the single frosty pane this morning, with what Lydia considered to be a lack of conviction. p. 8  

3. Even with being sick we did make it through most of our school work this week. No, we weren't finished real early in the day, but by the time we went to bed we had it done. I was going to start up some writing this week, but decided that would be too much (for myself).
4. I have Chantry and Destini working on some notebooking. Destini is doing it in science (Chantry will be to when I finally get him started) and they are both doing it for our readings in A Child's Geography of the World by V.M. Hillyer. This is very basic--just a composition book for science and lined paper and miscellaneous pages I have found free online, but it is a start.
5. We finally got around to starting Composer Study. The kids got out their Home School in the Woods History Activity Pak - Composers that we had reviewed  and started looking for our composer, Franz Josef Haydn. They also dug into Story of the Orchestra and The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra. They also filled in Homegrown Learners SQUILT form. I am always glad to see them dig into something on their own.

Senior Moment 4
Algebra II is proving to be a tough subject.
Perseverance and Dad's help will be the key!
(Everything written on that board is Greek to me!)
Homegrown Learners


  1. Love the Wii Fit picture! Our fall weather has been beautiful and comfortable so far, so I plan to enjoy it!

  2. Fall is wonderful in the SE! Come on down! :). Love the quote!

    Hope your colds get better soon!

    1. Amy, I may be right over. They are predicting a couple of big storms for this weekend for the NW that will included high winds and flooding.

  3. Gotta love Wii Fit! I am with you - Algebra 2 is out of my realm!



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