Thursday, September 26, 2013

Family Vacation 2013

I have been really remiss in getting this posted, but since my blog is my kinda-sorta scrapbook I am still going to post it.

My parents came to visit and we took a small vacation. We took a day and went to Multnomah Falls and then a few days later we headed up to Seattle. Here are pictures of our time together.

Multnomah Falls Trip 2013
1. Multnomah Falls - It had been 8 years since we had been here and Delani's first time to every see it or climb to the top.
2. Here is the whole family at the bridge (shown in picture one).
3. My Mom & Dad.
4. Delani was declaring mutiny at this point. Someone was climbing down and told us we only had a couple more switchbacks and then we were at the top (they lied!).
5. Cue the music (think Rocky)--we made it to the top! I really found out just how out of shape I am.
Pike's Place Market
6. Pike's Place Market.
7. Original Starbucks (since I hate coffee I just took a picture).
8. The Fish Market where they throw the fish. This was fun to watch.
9. The flowers at the market were absolutely beautiful!
10. Here Caleb is tasting Turkish Delight. Since the kid's enjoy Narnia we had to get some to try. We picked the strawberry flavor. The kid's unanimously decided that Edmond was very foolish, since they didn't think Turkish Delight tasted that good.
11. Ewww, the gum wall! Yes, behind Chantry and Delani the wall is full of gum. We did not contribute since we don't chew gum.
12. Caleb with his papa.
Discovery Park/American Girl
13. Discovery Park (Let me tell you this a discovery just finding the place!). We had to walk down hill through the woods to get to the water.
14. Delani is raring to go.
15. We made it. (I never could figure out exactly what this body of water was called.)
16. Check out these large flowers that we found at Hobby Lobby.
17. Already for the American Girl Store.
18. Both girls had gifts cards that they had been saving since Christmas. Destini had saved up enough to purchase a new doll.
19. Sitting in the AG store is not fun for the guys!
20. Hello, Caroline!
21. When we were finished we headed down to the Lego store so the boys could do some shopping.
Not pictured: I was able to go to Half-Price Books. We don't have any of them down here in Oregon and this year I found two different stores to browse (and buy! You didn't think a homeschool mama could leave a bookstore without buy anything, did ya?)

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  1. What a fun trip ! The falls area looks beautiful! My girls would've been so excited to go to the AG store. They've been once to the one in Atlanta. I'd love to visit the Pacific NW one day.



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