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PeopleKeys: DISC Career Style Report (TOS Review)

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One of my favorite things to study is personality traits. I find it very fascinating and it has given me such insight in understanding myself and others. PeopleKeys is a company that offers personality assessments for business, ministry, education, and personal growth. I was offered for review the opportunity to do the DISC Career Style Report which is for ages 13 to adult.
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PeopleKeys uses the DISC Theory of personality traits. DISC stands for:
  • D-Drive
  • I-Influence
  • S-Steadiness
  • C-Compliance
The Career Style Report helps a person to be able to identity how they work best and their personality style and then suggest a list of careers that would be a good fit. This report focuses on:
  • Your style of work
  • How you communicate with others
  • Your strengths
  • Your potential limitations
  • How you contribute to a team
Since Caleb is a senior this year and he isn't too sure what he wants to do yet, I had him work his way through the online report. This was easy to set up. I received an email with a key code and then through the link provided I set up the account. This could easily be done by a student, also. 
It then went to the 15 question profile. It was suggested that it would take about 15-20 minutes to complete, which was a pretty fair assessment. The profile would give a question and then give four choices. Caleb then had to put the four choices in order of most likely to respond to least likely to respond. Some of these questions were hard for him to answer since sometimes he reacts differently to people if there people he knew vs. people he doesn't know. I did oversee him for the first half of the profile, but then I let him complete it by himself.
When he was finished with the profile it immediately gave him his report to download. I also received an email with a link to download the report. I printed it off and then we looked through it carefully.
His DISC report came out as follows:
  • D-Drive: 33
  • I-Influence: 33
  • S-Steadiness: 39
  • C-Compliance: 45
Caleb's main style "C" was identified by the keyword "Contemplator" and described his style as detail oriented and having high standards. As I was reading this report I was agreeing until I came to the this paragraph:
An extremely outgoing and social person, Caleb tends to make friends easily and likes to have fun with others. This person wants to make commitments even when unable to keep them.  This comes from their strong desire to please, not because of any intent to deceive. Caleb tends to be very spontaneous, easily becoming bored with routine tasks.

I laughed out loud. This is so NOT my son! While filling out the profile I did oversee him for the first half of the profile, but then I let him complete it by himself. That might have contributed to that statement. I'm not sure, but since everything else was pretty much right on so I am not going to quibble on that small point.

The report also included how "C" style people work in the workplace and their characteristics. It had a page for Tips for self-growth and enhancing communication. It then gave two pages of Career matches. One page was the "Best Match" and the second page was the "Close Match".

The Career Match pages had a lot of careers listed and honestly, he isn't going to be able to look over it and say "Yes, that is what I want to do!" I do feel it will be handy when he gets closer to figuring it out. As he is praying and searching for what he want to do he can keep that list handy to see it is something that fits his personality and work style.

Overall, this was a very useful and informative report. The online DISC Career Style Report is available at PeopleKeys for $32.00.

Also, head on over to PeopleKeys and learn about all the assessment that they offer. Also, be sure to read all the TOS Crew Reviews since there were many different products reviewed.

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