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A Bible Study Guide for All Ages - Beginner Level (TOS Review)

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Sometimes it seems really hard to fit in "Bible Time" in the midst of homeschooling and life.  I aim to get in a Bible Story everyday with Delani (5) and I call it good. Enter in Bible Study Guide for All Ages. Delani and I have been using the Beginner Level Student Pages and more for review.
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We received the Beginner Level Student Pages, Timeline, and Children's Songs CD which is for ages 3-K. The Beginner Student Pages come like a glued pad of paper and you can tear off one lesson off at a time. The first page included a "Quick Teacher Instruction" guide.
The teacher's guide is a very useful and informative sheet which goes through the materials you will need, a quick overview of each section of each Student Page, and helpful suggestions to help you implement each section.
The Student Pages start with a "Learn the Basics" section which uses the Beginner Time Line Cards. Then it moves to the "Sing and Remember Section" which has the child memorizing the Books of the Bible, a song(s) from the CD to help reinforce the lesson and then questions that provide review of the previous lessons.
The next section "Get Active" provides an activity to get the child ready for the story. This section may require a small amount of preparation or additional materials. Every four lessons the "Get Active" section is replaced by the "My Bible" section. This section the child learning about his Bible.
After these sections then comes the "Discover the Bible" section which presents the Bible story. Each section of the story is illustrated and numbered. The story is listed on the left side of the page and each numbered section goes with a numbered portion of the illustration. Many times there is a small activity to do in each section. The activities include things like coloring, making an X, circling something, or tracing an object. 
The last section is the "Apply It!" section which has an illustration which reinforces the lesson. Many differing techniques are used. Some included are reading a verse from the Bible, answering questions, how it applies in the child's life, and an invitation for prayer.

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The Beginner Time Line cards are 8 1/2 x 11 and come printed on sturdy and glossy card stock. They show an illustration with a question printed on them for review. Sometimes a song may go along with it. These cards are reviewed each lesson. Sometimes new cards are introduced and sometimes you just review the cards you have covered previously.

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The Children's Songs CD comes with 2 discs with 90 songs included. The unique part is these songs are done a capella. Many of the songs are familiar Bible songs and songs that will help with memory work. This CD collection has beautiful harmonies and are excellently done. You won't miss the music at all! The only thing that would have made this better would be a page with the words to the song included.
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Delani and I jumped right into doing these lessons. It didn't take any time at all to get started. She absolutely loved doing her "schoolwork". Even though it didn't take us more than 15-20 minutes to do a lesson she quickly picked up on all the review and memory work. She also liked using the music CD, though I couldn't convince her to listen to it in her free time.
If she had any resistance it was while working through the Beginner Student Pages. Many times she didn't want to "color Joseph's face yellow" or "put an X" on something. Usually when this happened I would help her or we would just do something different. She was learning plenty from the stories and review without doing every single activity listed. (If I had been using this with more students this may have caused some issues.) She also loved using the Beginner Time Line Cards. She insisted on doing every card every.single.lesson whether the lesson called for it or not.
The Bible Study Guide for All Ages is an excellent way to study the Bible. With the use of songs, the Beginner Time Line Cards, and the Beginner Student Pages they provide wonderful reinforcement for a child to learn about the Bible. The Bible Study Guide for All Ages has a simple technique, yet extremely effective! I urge you to check them out.
A Bible Study Guide for All Ages offers for purchase:
Beginner Student Pages includes 26 Lessons - $5.95 (416 total lessons)

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