Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Oh, My! What a Week!!

May 31 Collage
1. Our rose bush is almost to the top of the porch, even with cold
weather we've been experiencing. 2. Destini's meds.
3. Caleb making brownies. 4. Green beans I made from Simplified
Dinners (see my review here).5. Triple Chocolate Trifle 6. Just a
small pile of the kids' entertainment.7. Everyone else's meds.
8. A new product arrived in the mail for review.

In my life this week…
We started off Monday with a bang! Destini started complaining Sunday evening of her throat hurting her really bad and this continued all night long. Monday morning found me taking her to an urgent care since the doctor's office was closed for Memorial Day. Diagnosis--strep throat. Well, we got the medicine filled and headed home to make pasta salad and dessert for our meal. Oh, I forgot to mention that Delani was running fever and Shade started to get sick.

Tuesday started with Caleb complaining of his throat hurting and by the evening he and Shade were burning up with fever. All the while Destini is in major pain with her throat and couldn't eat and drinking anything was painful. I also took Delani into the doctor's office to get a strep test since I didn't want her throat to start hurting at midnight.

By Wednesday I was getting pretty worried about Destini's throat so back to the doctor's office we went. I did drag Caleb along and had him checked out since I didn't want to go back later in the week. Well, they hemmed and hawed and said everything was the same and prescribed her some pain medication. And yes, Shade still was running fever and going to work, but Delani was fever free.

Thursday Destini woke up with a high fever and by this time I was aggravated. She had been on the penicillin for three whole days and there was no improvement at all! I called the doctor's office to talk to the advice nurse who says maybe she may have mono. Now I was really aggravated. I did ask her nicely to please mention all of this to her regular doctor (who we hadn't seen at all). Her doctor recommended waiting one more day. Since Thursday was church service I had to tell the pastor (my husband) he couldn't go to church since he was still running fever. Since we are a small congregation we ended up just cancelling, but we still had prayer and thank you, Jesus, a change started to take place. The first was Caleb was finally fever free and Destini finally started to be like herself and was actually hungry and was able to eat since her throat wasn't hurting as bad. Oh, and Chantry started running fever.

Friday found poor Chantry running fever off and on, but Caleb was much better and Destini, though still weak, is feeling much better. We still have a lot of stuffy noses and coughing going on, but 3 of 5 seem to be on the mend. My poor husband has me a little concerned, but I'm hoping this weekend will bring him the rest he really needs. Chantry I know will be better in a few days, but we just have to have this virus run its course.

I have to admit I've had some tough moments. When you go to having some help around the house to having none it felt a little rough. Plus trying to get medicine down everyone, making dinners that would entice them to eat, and getting the house sanitized kept me very busy.
In our homeschool this week…
Who had time for school? Actually, the boys did do a little bit of math the first two days, but after that it was all down hill. I did try to do some read-alouds with Chantry and Destini when they were up for it.
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
The doctor's office way too many times.
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
I didn't sweat school work this week. Yes, it may make us have to go an extra week, but getting healthy was the most important thing.
My favorite thing this week was…
As tough as this week was it really made us have to grow closer as a family. It pushed everyone out of their comfort zone and everyone had to do things to help others that they don't normally do.
Things I’m working on…
I cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned. I even pulled out the bleach and let me tell you that is a BIG thing in my household. Bleach and I do not get along at all, plus it causes me a lot of expense since I ruin my clothes with it, but out it came.
I'm reading...

I’m cooking…
Hamburgers, pasta salad, oven-roasted green beans, Triple Chocolate Trifle
Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs
Chicken noodle soup
Chicken strips, tator tots
I’m grateful for…
For God's healing touch we have already felt.
I’m praying for…
The continuation of God's healing touch in our house.
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
I saw this on Facebook this week and this is hysterical!


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