Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Birthday Edition

This week will be short and sweet. I have had a very full week, but the biggest focus has been Destini turning 13. Yes, we still did school work and barely kept up our heads above water, but we also had a lot of fun celebrating and preparing a special trip for the Birthday Girl!
1. Destini's birthday cake- Awesome chocolate cake topped with Twix candy bars. We had a family birthday celebration on Wednesday evening with potato soup and all the fixings, veggies, and bread.
2. The kids caught Delani reading the funny papers. Too cute!
3. Chantry entertaining Natalie (his cousin who was born on his birthday this year). She thought he was especially funny to look at.
4. Playing Yahtzee at the end of Destini's party.
5. Destini and Shade on her Thursday--her actual birthday. She is posing in her birthday sweater.
6. Peter Duck by Arthur Ransome--the next book in the Swallows and Amazon series.

Read about Destini's Birthday trip here.

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