Tuesday, November 27, 2012

10 Things About Me (Plus a Bonus)!

Caleb, Delani, me (Beth), Shade, Chantry, & Destini
Carrie at Reading to Know posted this the other day and I'm finally having a chance to answer a few of her questions. So here are some "getting to know" you questions answered.

1. Do you attend church and, if so, what denomination are you a part of?
Yes, I faithfully attend church and have done so since I was born. In fact, my husband is a pastor, his dad was a pastor, and my dad was a pastor, so church going is in our blood.  I am a part of of the United Pentecostal Church International.

2. What social issue are you the most passionate about?
I will admit I'm not into social issues, but I do have a passion for raising my kids to love the Lord God with all their hearts, souls, minds, and strengths! Oh, and I can get pretty passionate about homeschooling too.

3. Do you home school/use the public system or enroll your kids in private school? Any particular reason why?
I homeschool. I went to a private Christian school for most of my school years and after I got married my husband and I worked in a Christian school. Later when we moved to begin a new ministry we started homeschooling since we couldn't afford putting our kids in a Christian school. Now, I wouldn't even condsider putting my kids in a Christian school I am that convinced and convicted that homeschooling is the only way to go.

4. How long have you been married? How many kids do you have, or want to have? Have you ever thought of adopting, or have you?
My husband, Shade (actually his first name is Alfred, but he also goes by his middle name, Shade), and I have been married for 20 years. We have four children, Caleb - 16 (almost 17), Destini - 13, Chantry - 10, and Delani - 4. I would love to have another baby, but honestly don't think I could handle the pregnancy or the baby years. Some days I'm fine in the knowledge that there won't be anymore babies in the house and then there are those days that I feel quite sad (like when my kids turn another year older). My greatest regret is that I didn't have more children when I was younger. We have never thought of adopting. It is something that I don't think would be a good fit for our family. I have great admiration for those who do adopt.

5. What is your greatest personality strength? Weakest?
My greatest strength is that I love to come in and take charge and organize something and find an efficient way to do it (unless it includes cooking food). My weakest strength is that I love to come in and take charge and organize something and find an efficient way to do it. I have had to learn and am still learning to not run over other people. My other biggest weakness is just saying what I think--many people don't appreciate this fabulous ability of mine.

6. If you were to write a book, what genre would it be?
Historical fiction.

7. What is your favorite thing about where you live (country, neighborhood, etc.)? Least?
I am thankful that I was born in this great land of American. I am thankful for the freedom we have enjoyed, but in the end my hope is in the Lord.

I have lived in three states Wisconsin (where I grew up), Texas, and now Oregon. I love the mild winters that Oregon has. I love that we hardly have any snow!!!!! (I know, I'm weird!) I love that there is hardly ever any humidity in the air during the summer. I do wish the springs and early summers were a little warmer, but other than that I am very happy here.

The least favorite thing about where I live is the ants who love to roam our home. The exterminator figures our house must be on an anthill since ours is the only place where he can't get them to go away. And speaking of ants they just decided to come calling again today, this time in my boys' room. Ugh!!!!!

8. What is your favorite Bible verse or passage? Why?
I love the whole passage of Psalms 37, but my favorite two verses are:
4 Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

5 Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.
I picked these out for my scriptures for my senior year of highschool and have clung on to them ever since.

8. What is your real name?
My name is Beth. I usually tell people I'm "just" Beth, since the first question is "Is it short for Elizabeth?"

9. Are you a bold and trendy dresser, or are clothes "not your thing?"
I wouldn't call myself a bold and trendy dresser, but I do care about how I look. I like to look nice at all times so even the clothes I wear at home to some might look quite dressy.

10. What do you like best about your family?
One of my favorite things is how different all my children are even though they have the same parents. It can get quite interesting in trying to figure them out, and even though it can be frustrating it is also fun. Another favorite thing is my husband's love for the Lord and his ability to show it in his worship. He is such an excellent example to my children and I appreciate it so much.

11. 10 Random Things about me... 
  1. I have one brother.
  2. I enjoy sewing.
  3. I love to make cards and other projects out of paper.
  4. I enjoy shopping. (Walmart, Costco anyone?)
  5. I enjoy blogging, though I don't have as much time as I wish to do it.
  6. I really enjoy Diet Coke, especially a McDonald's Diet Coke.
  7. My favorite restaurant is The Cheesecake Factory
  8. I live for hot Oregon summer days
  9. I play the piano (by ear--minimal note reading here).
  10. I hate tomatoes.


  1. You hate tomatoes *gasp*!

    Well, I'm right there with you living for those sunny Oregon days. (I'm sure I know this, but where are you again? I'm in Corvallis.)

    You have quite the Christian heritage in your family! My grandfather was a Baptist pastor, my dad a worship leader and my husband also participates in worship - which I really love.

    Laughing about our greatest strengths and weaknesses and how people don't always appreciate you sharing your thoughts. It's funny but it's not because I suffer from the same "condition" if you will and it's a challenge to master.

    For some reason I thought you had two girls only so it was fun to see a picture of your family!

    Thanks for playing along.

  2. Oh. So dumb of me. I just realized I was confusing you with another blogger who has two girls. I've always seen the pictures of your four kids on your blog. So this would be proof of why this "Getting to Know You Better" thing is good for ME to sort things out. And admit my mistakes apparently. :P

  3. I love diet Coke as well but have to go with decaf due to a heart rhythm problem.

    We were having trouble with ants coming through our kitchen cabinets (the one with medicine, not the ones with food, oddly) and I was trying to find nontoxic solutions to dealing with them. I saw in a couple of places the idea of sprinkling bay leaves around where they come in, and that seems to have done the trick. I don't know if that works for fire ants, and if you have small kids who would put things in their mouths (which it doesn't look like from you picture) or pets it might not be a good idea because bay leaves are very stiff (they're usually removed from a dish after cooking).

  4. Your family is bBEAUTIFUL, Beth! How neat to learn more about you. I love your daughters' hair (& yours, too). My hair is short but my girls want to grow theirs, and I'm terrible at fixing it.

  5. I was enjoying reading this, but then I came to the words "mild Oregon winters." My California raised brain cannot comprehend how Oregon winters are mild. I live in Oregon now as well.



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