Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - A Visit with Friends and More

A visit from our Texas friends, Rachel and Elissa.

In my life this week…
I have been slack in posting any happenings in our household due to the fact I've been too busy to even attempt it. Thankfully, this week went a little slower and we actually had time at home.
We started off our weekend with special friends, Elissa and Rachel, from Texas spending a couple of nights at our house. We had a great time and the time we spent together was too short! They came to church with us on Sunday and then we came home and we grilled and really ate too much food.
On Monday it was time to take them to their final destination in downtown Portland where they were spending the rest of the week with the Apostolic Youth Corp. Of course, this meant navigating downtown Portland's streets where I always get myself turned around. This isn't a good thing considering I don't have GPS! Thankfully the girls did and we made it there and I made it back home after stopping by the library to work for a couple of hours. I had the surprise of my life when I walked back to where the books are kept and they were stacked in front of the already full shelves. All this warm weather has finally brought out the donations for the library.

Tuesday saw me heading back to work. The kids came along and picked out new library items. Caleb turned in his summer reading program chart and received his free book. Unfortunately, the books for the teens are all the latest rage and it was hard to find a non-twaddly book. I left work early and met Shade and the kids at the fairgrounds where we turned in exhibits for the county fair. This is the first year we have done this. Even I entered a couple sewing projects. We'll see how this goes.

Wednesday I was determined to get my sewing going that I've been wanting to do all summer long. It also was one of the hottest days we've experienced here in our area. This meant that the pollen count was up and played havoc with my allergies. It is hard to focus on sewing or anything else for that matter when your blowing your nose all the time. I persevered and between napping a couple of times I did get a skirt finished for Delani.

Thursday saw us heading to the park for our homeschool group park days. We were a little late, but the kids had a great time. We came home and I cut out another skirt to make for Destini. The day flew by and then it was time for church.

Friday turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. It is days like this that make Oregon the most beautiful place to live. Needless to say these days sure seem to be few and far between! I got up and ran some errands. When I got home I started sewing on Destini's skirt. I sent the kids outside to play and then they came in and cleaned bathrooms. We grilled chicken and had corn on the cob (the kids' favorite) for dinner. Later we went down to Winco for their awesome .98 ice cream cones.

In our homeschool this week...
Caleb did a little reading in science, but outside of some time spent everyday reading books the kids did absolutely nothing!

I am inspired by…
I've said this before and will probably say it again, but Pinterest is so much fun!

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
Portland, the park, & friends.

My favorite thing this week was…
Seeing Elissa & Rachel and hearing their great Texas accents! (Love ya, girls!)

Things I’m working on…
I sewed two skirts this week and got a few things ironed. Next week I hope to do some more sewing, but I need to pay some attention to the house. Also, I need to focus on school plans.

I’m reading…

I’m cooking…
I made a couple of Triple Chocolate Trifle in the last few weeks and a Lemon Cake (that was for me). We have been doing quite a bit of grilling.

Triple Chocolate Trifle

I’m grateful for…
Time to sew and seeing old friends.

I’m praying for…
My friend Lesly who is recovering from surgery.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

My funny little girl who just HAD to pose for pictures in her new skirt!

I had to share this picture of flowers I received for my birthday. They make me smile.

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