Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Review: Lit! A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke

Book Description:
I love to read.
I hate to read.

I don’t have time to read.
I only read Christian books.

I’m not good at reading.
There’s too much to read.
Chances are, you’ve thought or said one of these exact phrases before because reading is important and in many ways unavoidable.
Learn how to better read, what to read, when to read, and why you should read with this helpful guide from accomplished reader Tony Reinke. Offered here is a theology for reading and practical suggestions for reading widely, reading well, and for making it all worthwhile.

My thoughts:
I first heard about Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke after reading a review by Carrie at Reading to Know. Of course a book about books, especially from a Christian perspective had to be added to my TBR list.

Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books is a book to encourage Christian non-readers and readers to read books where we discover God's truth, goodness, and beauty.

In the first part he discusses the theology of books and reading. I think one of the most important chapters in this section is Chapter 4 where he discusses how a Christian worldview distinguishes Christian readers from non-Christian readers and how it helps us find the truth, goodness, and beauty in non-Christian books. He also discusses the benefits of reading non-Christian books and the importance of imaginative literature. In Part 2 the author then offers practical advice on reading books. Topics include making reading priorities, how to read a book, finding time to read, raising readers, plus many more topics.

One of my favorite chapters was about how to make reading priorities. I found myself nodding my head during most of this chapter since many of my reading priorities were very similar to the ones he suggested. I also found ideas to add to what I already do.

One area that I found I couldn't agree with him on was writing in books. He gives a good argument for doing this, but for me it is just something I can't bring myself to do. My first reason is that I am the book store manager for a Friends of the Library organization. Do you know the value of books that have been written in? Yes, zilch! (Actually, most of them are worth zilch, but clean books are sellable.) Most people aren't interested in a book that has been written in. Secondly, I personally find it very distracting, though I know some people like it. I especially have a great aversion to books that have hi-lighting in them. If I do come across a book that really inspires me I write notes in a notebook or use sticky note flags. I know that it isn't very convenient, but it works for me.

If you love to read, want to read more, or you want to be more intentional in your reading, I highly recommend Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books.


  1. I keep hearing about this book, but your review was the most helpful one I've read so far. I have four all-time favorite books that are the only ones I underline (because I never plan to give them away). Otherwise, I use sticky notes like you do.

  2. This one is still on my TBR list. One day. . .

  3. This book is haunting me. I'm going to read it! This year!

  4. Beth- Thank you for this very helpful review. I love to read but find it difficult to stick to a reading plan or even one book at a time...I'm going to check this book out...I was asking God to help me have a better plan for reading in 2013. Thanks! Kel



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