Thursday, March 1, 2012

Book Review: Men of Iron by Howard Pyle

Book Description:
The year 1400 opened with more than usual peacefulness in England. Only a few months before, Richard II-weak, wicked, and treacherous-had been dethroned, and Henry IV declared King in his stead. But it was only a seeming peacefulness, lasting but for a little while; for though King Henry proved himself a just and a merciful man-as justice and mercy went with the men of iron of those days-and though he did not care to shed blood needlessly, there were many noble families who had been benefited by King Richard during his reign, and who had lost somewhat of their power and prestige from the coming in of the new King.

My thoughts:
Men of Iron by Howard Pyle tells the story of Myles Falworth, whose family has fallen out of favor with the king, is sent to family friend to begin training as a knight. When Myles arrives he doesn't take to the kindly to the bullying of the older boys and makes a stand against it. He has many adventures, makes friends, and is always up for a good fight. Eventually, he begins his training as a knight, which unbeknownst to him, prepares him for the fight of his life--to face his father's enemy and avenge his father's name.

Men of Iron was a fantastic read. My kids were begging for more! This has everything in it you would expect in a book about knights and more. Highly, highly recommended!

And if you like to watch films:

The Black Shield of Falworth  is loosely based on the book Men of Iron. We had watched the film since it was recommended in Mystery of History Volume III. While reading I kept having the feeling that I had read this book before, but I knew I hadn't! Then a particular incident happened and I stopped reading and asked the kids, "Where have I heard this before or maybe seen it?" It got all of us to thinking and finally with my husbands help (who had recognized many of the incidents in the book before I did) we figured out it was this film. Typical of Hollywood, they change up quite a few things, but I thought the film kept enough of its flavor to recognize it from reading the book. Now that we are done reading the book we will watch the film again.

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  1. This is one I've seen recommended again and again, but I figured it would be too mature for my girls. Did your little ones like it?

  2. My sons loved this book. Glad you discovered it too.



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