Thursday, January 5, 2012

Escaping into the World of Fantasy

We have been enjoying some fantasy book lately. We recently finished The Princess and the Goblin and The Little White Horse.

Book Description:
Princess Irene's discovery of a secret stair to the top turret of the castle leads to a wonderful revelation. At the same time, the miner's son Curdie overhears a fiendish plot by the goblins who live beneath the mountain. But it will take all their wit and courage, and the help of Irene's magic ring, to make sense of their separate knowledge and foil the goblins' schemes.
My thoughts:
The Princess and the Goblin  was a scheduled literature book that I read aloud to Destini & Chantry over a course of 10 weeks. This book was a big hit and my kids were chomping at the bit to get to the end. There were many times there were begging and pleading to read "just one more chapter!"  After reading the story we had to go by the sequel The Princess and Curdie , which we will hopefully get to in the next few months.

Book Description:
When orphaned young Maria Merryweather arrives at Moonacre Manor, she feels as if she's entered Paradise. Her new guardian, her uncle Sir Benjamin, is kind and funny; the Manor itself feels like home right away; and every person and animal she meets is like an old friend. But there is something incredibly sad beneath all of this beauty and comfort - a tragedy that happened years ago, shadowing Moonacre Manor and the town around it - and Maria is determined to learn about it, change it, and give her own life story a happy ending. But what can one solitary girl do?

My thoughts:
The Little White Horse is an exciting story focusing on wrong being righted. It is a fun, exciting and suspenseful read and when the last page is finished leaves you with a wonderful sigh of satisfaction. This was on our free read list for AO Year 3 and was a big hit with the kids.

See what other are reading over at Hope Is the Word.


  1. My girls and I listened to an audio recording of McDonald's "The Light Princess," and it was very, very good. However, I tried to read aloud another of his stories and abandoned it. I don't think my girls were ready for it yet. He's an author I definitely want to try again, though.

  2. Stopping in from Hope is the Word. My boys and I loved both of those titles. George MacDonald is amazing. We also read The Princess and Curdie and loved it. It deals with deeper issues than the first one and definitely leaves you with a lot to think about. Ambleside is wonderful! It gives us such a rich literary experience. Many of these books are books I missed reading as a child so it really is a pleasure to discover them now with my own kids. Happy reading and thanks for sharing your thoughts on these lovely books. :)



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