Thursday, October 20, 2011

Our Study of Scott Joplin: "King of Ragtime"

One of my favorite things of a Charlotte Mason education is the focus on the study of Hymns, Folksong, Composers, and Artist. Ambleside Online always has a nice rotation going that I usually follow, but for our first term I decided to pick my own composer.

A couple of months ago, Destini's piano teacher was talking to her about different kinds of music and mentioned ragtime. That got my brain a whirling and I decided that we would study Scott Joplin: "The King of Ragtime."

We have slowly read the biography, Raggin':A Story About Scott Joplin by Barbara Mitchell that I was able to find at the library. We take time on Friday to do Composer Study and so far we have studied three of his different "rags", The Maple Leaf Rag,  Swipsey Cakewalk, and The Entertainer. It definitely gets the blood pumping!

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