Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book Review: Five Children and It by E. Nesbit

Five Children and It (Puffin Classics)

Book Description:
The last thing Cyril, Anthea, Robert, Jane, and their baby brother expect to find while digging in the sand is a Psammead—an ancient Sand-fairy! Having a Sand-fairy for a pet means having one wish granted each day. But the fivesome doesn’t realize all of the trouble that wishes can cause.
My thoughts:
We took a departure from our historical reads and jumped into the world of magic with Five Children and It (Puffin Classics) by E. Nesbit. Five Children and It (Puffin Classics) is a delightful story filled with every child's ultimate dream--having their wishes granted! Of course, for the five children having their wishes granted bring results they don't quite bargain for which brings hilarious results.  E. Nesbit does a fine job of portraying truths in life without being preachy or boring. My kids loved this story and kept asking for more. We will definitely be adding more of E. Nesbit's stories to our read aloud time.

A side note: I have stated here before that I am not a big fan of fantasy books. When I first read Five Children and It (Puffin Classics) several years back I thought it was just flat weird! I can truly say I have widened my reading choices and this time around I found really enjoyed it .

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  1. This is one I still haven't read with my girls. It's truly a case of too many books, too little time!

  2. Oh Beth, this was one of my favorites as a child! I was a missionary kid in Beirut, Lebanon, so I got exposed to a lot of British fiction that I ordinarily might not have. I loved E. Nesbit. Yes, the book was weird, but as a child that's what I loved about it! :)

    Hope you'll check out my book blog,



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