Friday, September 4, 2009

Book Review:Miss Julia Delivers Delivers the Goods by Ann B. Ross

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Book Description:
If there’s no rest for the weary, Miss Julia must be absolutely exhausted. She’s just learned a secret—Hazel Marie is pregnant with twins and the prospective father has cleared out of town. But good things come in unexpected packages. Abbotsville finds itself the scene of a heist; and Miss Julia knows there’s only one man who can solve the crime. It’s J. D. Pickens, P.I., renowned investigator and Hazel Marie’s wayward love. When he’s summoned, one thing becomes clear: Miss Julia must help set things right between them or find herself the only one who can, quite literally, deliver the goods.

I can truly say that Miss Julia Delivers the Goods by Ann B. Ross truly delivers! Miss Julia is at her finest and is as funny as ever. I always have laugh out loud moments when reading a Miss Julia book. If you haven't read one I suggest starting at the beginning with Miss Julia Speaks Here Mind. Learn more about the Miss Julia books here.

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