Sunday, September 6, 2009

Book Review:In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

Book Description:
They number in the millions and they are incredibly important to families and to our society, yet they are underappreciated, little respected, and even controversial.

Who are they?

They are the stay-at-home moms.

These are women who know in their hearts that staying home to raise their children is the right choice for the whole family. Some do it from the outset of their marriages, while others make the difficult transition from career-driven women to homemakers. Either way, it is a choice that is incredibly rich and rewarding, not to mention challenging.

Now Dr. Laura, building on principles developed during her long career as a licensed marriage and family therapist, provides a wealth of advice and support, as well as compassion and inspiration, to women as they navigate the wonders and struggles of being stay-at-home moms.

Learn how:
•to hold your head high and deal with naysayers;
•to see the benefits of being home not only for your children but also for your marriage;
•to understand the changes you see in yourself;
•to realize that the sacrifices you endure now will make for lasting bonds and a stronger family, in addition to a more cohesive community.
In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms is a special book, a profound and unique understanding of how important it is for mothers to raise their own children.

I was excited to find In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms by Dr. Laura Schlessinger on my library bookshelf. I really enjoyed her books, The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands and The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage. I was not disappointed.

If you are a stay-at-home mom, or wanting to be, or undecided, I highly recommend reading this book. She is honest, shares the highs and lows a mom will face, and ultimately she gives the reader a lot of encouragement. I appreciate Dr. Laura standing against society's "norm" and encouraging women to be a woman, love their husbands and be their kid's mom! I will definitely be adding this book to my bookshelves.

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