Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Book Review: Emily Climbs

Emily Climbs

Emily Climbs, the sequel to Emily of New Moon (review), tells the tale of Emily while she goes to high school in the nearby town of Shrewsbury. In order to go she had to promise her Aunt Elizabeth that she wouldn't write any stories. She boards with her Aunt Ruth who just knows that she is "sly". She spends her time getting in and out of scrapes. Her friendship with Ilse is tested and Perry professes his love. Teddy is still her favorite, but how does he feel about her? What does his glances mean?

Emily also grows in her writing abilities and slowly learns the value of life to her writing and poetry and triumphs in her writing. By the end of high school she has sold many poems and brought in some money. Then Emily receives an offer to go to the United States and work for a magazine. Emily must decide what she want to do most in her life.

I enjoyed Emily Climbs a little better than Emily of New Moon. It seemed a little more light hearted even though there are those in the story that are very against her. L.M. Montgomery breaks up the story every once in a while and will give her opinion on what her heroine should do and then continue on with the story. She does get herself in a lot of different scrapes, typical of Montogery's writings, but getting out of them is always fun. Look for a review of the third and final book in the series, Emily's Quest, in a few weeks.

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