Thursday, January 29, 2009

Book Review: Emily of New Moon

Emily of New Moon

I read Emily of New Moon for the L. M. Montgomery Reading Challange.

After Emily Starr's father dies, Emily is taken in by her mother's family. The Murray's pick lots for her and she goes to stay with her Aunt Elizabeth, Aunt Laura & Cousin Jimmy (who isn't quite all there)at New Moon. New Moon begins to grow on Emily even though she kept under very stiff rules.

When she is sent to school her schoolmates and teacher make fun of her. Emily holds her head up high and becomes friends with Ilse, the doctor's daughter. She also makes friends with Teddy, who draws wonderful picture and Perry, the hired boy.

Emily discovers that she can write poetry and stories, which is a source of contention with her Aunt Elizabeth. Mr Carpenter--her new teacher, begins to critique her writings and giving her his honest opinions. Emily learns to love New Moon as she slowly starts blossoming into a young woman.

Emily of New Moon was a good read, but the whole story seems to be sad. It is a darker tale maybe even a more realistic view of life, but to me it lacks charm of the Anne Series.

On a side note: I have almost completed Emily Climbs the second book in the series. I am enjoying this one more than Emily of New Moon.


  1. I read this book earlier in 2008 but didn't finish re-reading the series. Hope deferred makes the heart what?! Maybe I'll get back to that series this year...

  2. Carrie,

    Hope deferred makes the heat sick, I think.

    (Sorry, Beth, I couldn't resist.)

    I love Emily almost as much as Anne, I think. Maybe I am drawn to darker stories. I don't know. Maybe it's because she's a brunette. : ) I find the end of her tale satisfying somehow. And I always loved Ilse Burnley and the enigma of her father.

  3. I read all three Emily novels and I too think they were darker than the Anne stories. It's funny that you liked "Climbs" better as I think I liked it the least of the three. I agree with Amy; Ilse and her doctor father are a great supporting story.

  4. I thought I had read the Emily books, but it doesn't sound familiar. I look forward to taking care of that some day. I love Montgomery.



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