Monday, January 26, 2009

Book Review: The Blue Castle

Since I decided to participate in the Lucy Maud Montogmery Reading Challenge I dug out my grungy copy (pictured below)of The Blue Castle.


Valancy Stirling has spent her past 29 years living a very sheltered life being a docile daughter and the family joke to the "Stirling Clan". The only ray of light in her world are the John Foster books that she reads and her "Blue Castle" that she dreams about. One day Valency receives some news that changes her life, she defies her mother and the "Stirling Clan" and moves out to take care of Roaring Abel's (the town drunk) fallen daughter, Cissy. Gradually a new world opens up to Valency and she becomes friends with the notorius Barney Snaith. After Cissy's death, Valency and Barney get married. Cut off from her ridged and snobby family, Valancy and Barney make a life for themselves in their "Blue Castle". Then one day their marriage is put to test. Will Valency's "Blue Castle" survive?

As I have stated before this is my favorite non-Anne book. If you haven't read it I suggest you go get it and plan to enjoy a great story. It is a lovely 20th century fairy tale.


  1. Grungy or well-loved!? ;D

    This is one of my favorites too -- in fact, I named my photography business after it! So it has a place that is rather near and dear to my heart.

    I like how different this book is from MOntgomery's other works, while still being classic Lucy Maud.

    Thanks for participating!

  2. I love and reviewed The Blue Castle, too.

    Great review!

  3. I have heard of The Blue Castle countless times, and yet...*sniff*...our library pathetically does not own this book! Oh how I want to read it!

    Thanks for the review!

  4. You've made me want to go and dig up my own grungy copy of the book. After multiple moves I'm wondering if I still have it...

    Thanks for a good review.

  5. I've read every LM Montgomery out there, plus all her journals. I love when someone else loves Maude!

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  7. (wanted to polish this post a little bit...)

    I just read this one again over the weekend. There is something real and poignant about Valancy's story that takes me somewhere as an adult that Anne's has ceased to and never can take me again. I see myself in Valancy Stirling Snaith Redfern like I have not seen myself in any other heroine (Maude, Austen, or otherwise!). Although this tale can be categorized as "modern fairytale," it is realistic enough for me, esp in the way Maude allows the heroes to openly deal with, as adults, the lies they believed as children. At any rate, I'm glad you read "The Blue Castle" again and found joy in it. :)



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