Thursday, December 29, 2016

What's On Your Nightstand - December

What's On Your Nightstand

December was an okay reading month, though I don't think I read anything really deep. This year I didn't make a list of books I wanted to read and have felt quite lost. I plan to change that this year. For January I keeping my nightstand light since my parents are coming for a visit.

For January:

From November's Nightstand I read:

  • The 2 Degree Difference: How Little Things Can Change Everything by John Trent - The first part is told in a story form and then the last part goes through the changes the character in the story goes through and how we can apply small changes to things in our lives. An encouraging read.
  • Secrets of a Charmed Life by Susan Meissner - I came across this book in the bookstore I manage and it looked interesting. This ended up being such a good story about a young woman who survives the Blitz in London. It was hard to put down. Highly recommended!
I chose not to read:
  • Villette by Charlotte Bronte - This is the second month I didn't read this book. I bought the audio book of Villette and heard that a book club that I would love to attend is reading Middlemarch for the January meeting. So I veered off and have been listening to that instead hoping that I can finally make it to a book club meeting and if I don't--well, I won't be too sad since I really enjoy Middlemarch.
 I also read:
  • Emma: A Modern Tale by Alexander McCall Smith - Well, this book was a flop. This is my second modern retelling I've read and both were not worth it at all. Read the originals.
  • Miss Dimple Rallies to the Cause by Mignon F. Ballard - Cozy mysteries--nothing profound but still enjoyable reads.
  • Miss Dimple Suspects by Mignon F. Ballard - Ditto above
  • Call the Nurse: True Stories of a Country Nurse on a Scottish Isle by Mary J. MacLeod - This memoir falls in the category of memoirs that I enjoy. Ones that tell stories of the people and the place where they live. Very enjoyable read.
  • Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman - I have been reading this devotional on and off (more off than on) for over a period of at least five years but had never completely finished it. Earlier this year I uncovered it in my closet and determined to get it all read. This is an excellent devotional and probably on that I'll keep reading on and off for years.
 See what others have read over at 5 Minutes for Books.


  1. I loved the 'Streams in the Desert' devotional. And I'd love to get to Middlemarch one of these days. It's just so long! : ) Hope you enjoy it.

    I'm visiting from the 'What's on you Nightstand' link-up.

  2. I read Streams in the Desert years ago and need to again sometime. I read Secrets of a Charmed Life earlier this year and loved it - it made my top 16 books of the year. I have Middlemarch on tap for next year. I like having a reading plan but with enough space in it that I can pick up other things along the way without messing up my schedule.



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