Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wednesdays with Words (Thirsting for God-Part 2)


I am still working my way through Thirsting for God: Spiritual Refreshment for the Sacred Journey by Gary Thomas. My mom has been visiting so reading hasn't been a priority even though I've been reading snatches here and there.

This quote comes from a chapter on "Cultivating the Quiet" and how in today's world we really struggle with slowing down and learning to face God while being quiet. In addressing the reasons we hide from God, Thomas writes:
Confronting these tests calls for courage--sometimes more courage than we possess. So rather than face them, we pretend they're not tests at all, and we simply avoid God by staying busy. Just as someone who is allergic to cats recognizes the early symptoms of a reaction and makes haste to get away, so often unknowingly begin to recognize the sensation of God breaking into our hearts, and we rush into some activity or diversion to avoid his presence. p. 122

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