Monday, May 18, 2015

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - The End Is In Sight!

May 15 Collage 
    Life has been happening here. We have been working hard on our school work. This week we did get quite a few things wrapped up. Our goal is to be finished by the last week of May when may parents will be arriving from Wisconsin for a visit. Here is a peek of what has been happening around here: 
  1. Mother's Day! I am so thankful for my amazing kids who call me "mom". My life has been changed because of them. I was blessed to receive two more rose bushes to put in the front our house.
  2. Chantry filled out an "Mad About Mom" survey during Sunday School (see below) which was pretty funny, but it truly showed that he is a boy. He made up for it later by getting a McDonald's Strawberry & Cream pie.
  3. I don't think my oldest kids did much in the kitchen (not their fault), but Delani just goes in there and does what she wants. Since she sees them do things she isn't very intimidated to try for herself. She is cooking herself a tortilla for her lunch. 
  4. We finished our history, geography, and literature reading--Mystery of History I, the first part of The Complete Book of Marvels, The Occident, and Black Ships Before Troy.
  5. Chantry finished Math U See Zeta.
  6. This is my teacher's book from Zeta. It has been through three kids. I am hoping it will survive the fourth kid.
  7. Chantry also finished Spelling You See Book D: Americana. This has been a great spelling program for him.
  8. Caleb and his dad got all dirty changing the brake pads on our van. I think most of the grease ended up on them. They enjoy every second of getting dirty!
  9. Our roses are blooming. This is my rose bush that I received last year for Mother's Day. 
I think this was my favorite thing from Mother's Day. My two youngest kids filled these "Mad About Mom" surveys and the answers really made my day!

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2015-05-10 19.00.34
Collage Friday
Weekly Wrap-Up

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