Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Apple Pie Day & More

We are closing in on our last five to six weeks of school (hoping for five, but...). Our big event was heading to the Capitol building for Apple Pie Day for Oregon's Home Education Week. There are many things happening that day. Our co-op took a tower tour and also a tour to the House (in session) and the Senate room. I've also included a few more pictures showing what all has been happening around here.

May 1 Collage 
 1. & 2.  This year we were able to take a Tower tour. We climbed 121 stairs to go up to the observation deck.
3. At the top!
4. The "Oregon Pioneer" at the top of the building.
5. I took of a picture of the kids by a pink dogwood tree for Grandma K.
6. Eating our lunch on the steps during the rally.
7. The rotunda. (Picture courtesy of Destini.)
8. Delani sang in the Statewide Homeschool Choir.
(I don't have a picture of this, but I think I spent most of my time walking several blocks every couple of hours to move my vehicle since I'm too cheap to pay outrageous meter parking.) 
May 1 Collage 2
9. Since our yard isn't huge and since every gas weed-eater that we buy has something go wrong with it within a year my husband decided to get an electric one. Caleb was one happy guy!
10. Sometimes I wonder how well Morning Time goes when one of the kids sleeps right through it!
11. Delani lost two teeth in one week. She was especially proud that she pulled the second one out herself. I was grateful since it didn't involve major screaming like the first one did. (And no she wasn't hurt--it was all drama.)
12. Delani is thrilled that she as found a game she can play with the older kids. She is beating Destini  in Monopoly Deal.
13. Yeah! Destini finished science this week. This is a small glimpse in her science journal. Now I'm on the great search for high school science that doesn't suck the joy of of the subject.
14. While the kids were preparing for Student Convention we had dropped some of our academics and English was one of them. BIG mistake! Now it is hanging over our heads like a heavy weight. Even though we do a lot of orally it takes soooo much time. If the books could be finished 3 times a week I would keep this program for next year, but it takes 4-5 days a week and we are burned out.
15. New curriculum (for Destini) for next year arrived in the mail this week.
16. I was blessed to win the audio book download of The Green Ember by S.D. Smith from Carrie at Reading to Know. Just let me say that I don't care for fantasy books, but this is a splendid read.
Collage Friday
Weekly Wrap-Up

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