Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesdays with Words (Penrod & Sam - Part 2)

Life has been kind of crazy around here and this week we are trying to get back into a routine. I had this quote saved from a few weeks ago. I did some research about Booth Tarkington and discovered that the Penrod books were written when his wife suggested that he write about "boys as they really are", which I think he succeeded superbly in doing.

My passage I am sharing to day made me laugh since I think it is so spot on. 

There is no boredom (not even an invalid's) comparable to that of a boy who has nothing to do. When a man says he has nothing to do, he speaks idly; there is always more than he can do. Grown women never say they have nothing to do, and when girls or little girls say they have nothing to do, they are merely airing an affectation. But when a boy has nothing to do, he has actually nothing at all to do; his state is pathetic, and when he complains of it, his voice is haunting. (p. 257)


  1. Very true.

    Martin Cothran calls these "Bad boy books" and they're great for troubled boys to see their own ridiculousness as the rest of us see them.

  2. Yes, and nothing you say can convince them otherwise!

  3. Love this! I have Penrod on my Kindle. I really need to read it!



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