Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wednesdays with Words (Penrod - Part 3) 


We just finished our current read-aloud, Penrod by Booth Tarkington, tonight. Have your kids ever watched a film that made them run from the room because they can't bear to watch what is about to happen? Well, Penrod has my kids doing the same thing. If they are not running from the room they are hollering or plugging their ears! And yes, they are 12 and 15 years old. I consider this a good sign since I have felt the need to do the same a time or two! Needless to say, Penrod is quite the character. Here is one more of his escapades.
He sighed, and took from the inside pocket of his new jacket the "sling-shot" aunt Sarah Crim had given him that morning. 

He snapped the rubbers absently. They held fast; and his next impulse was entirely irresistible. He found a shapely stone, fitted it to the leather, and drew back the ancient catapult for a shot. A sparrow hopped upon a branch between him and the house, and he aimed at the sparrow, but the reflection from the dazzling window struck in his eyes as he loosed the leather. 

He missed the sparrow, but not the window. There was a loud crash, and to his horror he caught a glimpse of his father, stricken in mid-shaving, ducking a shower of broken glass, glittering razor flourishing wildly. Words crashed with the glass, stentorian words, fragmentary but collossal.
Now I'm off to order the next book, Penrod and Sam .

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  1. "Words crashed with the glass, stentorian words, fragmentary but collossal." Fantastic. What a great way to close the paragraph. Thanks for these selections! I've enjoyed learning about this book through your eyes :)

  2. I am loving your posts about Penrod, Beth. It's next on the to-read list for my boys, but I think I am as eager as they are to read it, so it might end up being a read aloud - for the whole family. :)



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