Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Happenings

November 9 Collage 

Life has been happening. I am very happy to say that we seem to have found a routine that is working. A few weeks ago I implemented Bible reading first. This has morphed into getting our other readings finished for the day. After that I am able to work on individual subjects as needed and take/pick-up Caleb to school. I have to admit that our days have been much smoother. So here is what we have been up to:

1. My table--I think it is hopeless. I clean it off and in a few hours it look like this (sigh).

2. & 3. Bible/Reading time--When my kids get on a roll they tickle each others funny bones and then we have a lot of laughter. Yes, it makes our time a little longer, but laughter is good for a soul and one day my house will be too quiet. For now I am enjoying it.

4. & 5. Music Study. We are listening to Tchaikovsky. We have been using the SQUILT notebooking page sheet offered by Mary Prather from SQUILT:Music Appreciation Made Simple.
Delani loves doing this and even though she can't spell she sits right next to me and has me spell the words for her. You can see a sample of her sheet.

6. Cream Cheese-Filled Pumpkin Bread. A hit!

7. Destini has started her new cross-stitch project.

8. We had a very warm fall and our trees haven't been very pretty. Our weather finally cooled off and the trees at the library where I work turned their brilliant red color. I'm sure by next week they will be on the ground.

9. Destini celebrated her 15th birthday on Saturday. My kids are growing up waaaay too fast!!!

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  1. Hi Beth, It's so good to see what you've all been up to. I've been wanting to stop by. We have added two grandsons this fall. One, little Max is Alyssa and Tyler's little guy, up in Portland and the other, Cyrus, Darian and Rebekah's little fella is back in Nebraska-they're coming for Christmas and I can't wait. We pressed cider and made grape juice, canned beans, froze corn and kept way too busy this summer. Now we're working on our front bathroom. It's coming, but slow but sure. Is Caleb going to Chemeketa? All four of our kids went there for their associate's degree. Sounds like you have a good schedule figured out for you children. Love to you all, Ruth P. :)



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