Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Fall Edition

October 17 Collage 

A busy two weeks have passed since my last journal entry. This school year has just been odd. We are having a hard time finding a routine, but that hasn't deterred us from keep moving ahead. We have been blessed with a warm fall (at least I think so), and this week has been our first week of cooler temps and some rain. Just when it looks like fall looks like it is here to stay we have another beautiful day. I will take all I can get.

Here is a look at the last two weeks around our house.

1.& 2.  Last week found Delani and I meeting up with some friends at a local farm market that has a play area and a pumpkin patch. Delani had a great time playing with friends and we had beautiful weather to enjoy to boot--over 80 degrees!

3. While there we picked up some apple cider donuts and apple cider. Delani thought it made a very fine breakfast.

4. Chantry learning a new life skill.

5. Last Thursday I headed over to Seaside for a woman's conference. I stayed with my friend's, Sarah and Lisa, and we had a great time. As is typical when I go the ocean it was foggy and our fall weather arrived. Thankfully, it wasn't windy. I had to laugh when I left on Saturday--I never did see the ocean. (This is okay since the ocean and I don't get along.)

6. We have a new voter in the house. Caleb's ballot arrived in the mail yesterday. I have to admit that I just can't get used to voting at home. I prefer going to vote. It feels patriotic and it isn't as easy to forget.

7. The kid's have been on a new audio kick--Jonathan Park audio dramas.

8. Yummy pumpkin bars. Now that our some-what fall weather has arrived baking just seems to be in order.

In our homeschool:
As I mentioned before we seem to be having a hard time finding our groove this year. I am not sure if this is due to our day being interrupted with Caleb's college class, or fitting in Delani's work, or if Chantry and Destini's work is a little more time consuming, but it has been a little frustrating. That being said I did do something a little different this week.

It always seems like we only get in 2 to 3 days in of Bible reading, which bothers me since this is something that I desire to be done everyday. Normally, I wake the kids up and wait for them to take a shower and get dressed and then eat breakfast before we get going with our day. This week I woke the kids up and sent them downstairs to eat breakfast right away and then we immediately did our together/personal Bible time, before they took their showers and got dressed.

I will admit that we still had some days that we were doing one or two subjects in the evening, but I felt it was a successful and peaceful week overall. I think the kids enjoyed it since they could get all cuddled up in blankets while reading the Bible.

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