Saturday, August 30, 2014

Q is for Quality Time (ABC Blogging)

Ben and Me

I know that I am really late in getting this posted, but life has been extremely busy the last few weeks. My in-laws celebrated 50 years of marriage with a ceremony and a dinner. The best part was that it brought about a visit of all of my husband's siblings that live far away. The most exciting was Destini's best friend and cousin, Millie.

 Everyone arrived at the beginning of last week and we spent every minute we could with everyone. If we weren't eating then we were working on different projects for the big 50th Anniversary party. My collage doesn't include all of the cousins, but I did get pictures of quite a few of them.

Quality Time Collage

1. & 2. Technology is always involved.
3. My nieces, Emily  and Millie, and my girls all went to Hobby 
Lobby to find some odds and ends for the 50th party.
4. Rook, Rook, and more Rook.
5. Decorating the tables.
6. Emily doing Delani's hair.
5. The little girl cousins had a sleepover and a day out with Aunt Candice.
8. Many of the family came to church and afterwards we went out.
9. Destini & Millie wrapping potatoes.
10. Matching shoes (Destini & Millie)!

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