Saturday, August 9, 2014

O is for Optometrist (ABC Blogging)

Ben and Me O is for Optometrist
This week I took Chantry and Delani to the optometrist. Since Chantry's glasses have been slowly wearing out (lens falling out, screws falling out, etc.) I knew he needed to get a new pair. Chantry is an old pro at this and went through his appointment like an old pro. His prescription changed a little (not for the better, unfortunately) so I'm glad I took him in.

Delani will be starting to learn to read this fall so I added her to the visit just to make sure her eyes were okay. Going to the optometrist was a new experience for her. She didn't care in the least for the puff of air in her eyes and wasn't too thrilled with dilation eye drops. Outside of that she did pretty well until we found out that she needs glasses! She is far-sighted (like Chantry) and the optometrist said glasses would help her eyes focus so her eye muscles can stay relaxed.

I will admit that the next hour was kind of stressful. She moaned and groaned that she "won't be like daddy anymore". Chantry was all upset, too, though he wouldn't tell me why. When Dad and the other kids found out they were all kind of downhearted. What really got me about all the sad faces is that I've worn glasses since I was 12 and my kids beg me to never wear contacts because I won't look like myself, yet here they are all downhearted because she has to get glasses, she 'won't be like Daddy", "she won't be cute", etc. Excuse me! She could be like Mommy!!!!!

Oh well, that is the life of a mom. ;)

Anyhow, we have picked out new glasses for both and just let me say that picking out glasses with an extremely opinionated six year old can be frustrating and hysterically funny all at the same time. The new glasses will be here next week. Now that Delani has reconciled herself to the fact that she will be getting glasses she is waiting expectantly for them. Pictures forthcoming!

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  1. Hope she will adjust to her new glasses quickly, and love them. We all wear glasses/contacts except for my 13yo daughter, and I imagine she will eventually as well. It's probably almost time for me to take her for another check and then we'll find out.



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