Monday, August 4, 2014

My 5 Favorite Homeschool Blogs

5 Favorite Homeschool Blogs 
I have to admit that reading blogs can be very addicting and something that I have to keep in check. On the other hand they are also very helpful to have for reference and encouragement during the school year. Today I'm going to share my 5 favorite homeschool blogs that I go to for inspiration or for reference. (You may notice most of these blogs have a Charlotte Mason bent to them.)

1. Ordo-Amoris - I have been reading Cindy's blog for quite a few years. She isn't blogging very much right now, but there is plenty in the archives to inspire. Favorite blog posts: 31 One Days to Morning Time

2. Afterthoughts - Another blog I have followed for awhile. Brandy uses Ambleside Online curriculum, which we also use. She also has a lot of insight on Charlotte Mason. I am really enjoying her Learning How to Live series right now.

Amongst Lovely Things

3. Amongst the Lovely Things - I kept coming across Sarah's blog time and time again and finally started following it faithfully earlier this year. She has some very encouraging posts about Teaching from Rest, which is now a book and one I recommend getting. Another favorite: The Read-Aloud Revival Podcast--If you love to read-aloud to your kids or have a desire to get started you don't want to miss this inspiring podcast.

Schole Sisters
4. Schole Sisters - "...a community of homeschooling moms who believe that teaching is the art of being imitated, who long to teach from rest, and who draw on wisdom from the classical tradition..." This blog just started and so far I have enjoyed everything I've read.
Living Books Library
5. Living Books Library - I love to read Living books to my kids and Elizabeth has such great lists on her blog. Posts are few a far between, but I do reference it quite a bit.
On Wednesday head over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew to see other crew member's Favorite Homeschool Blogs.
Favorite Homeschool Blogs


  1. Ordo Amoris is one of my favorites too, but this morning when I tried to go to it it said "permission denied." Are you having the same issue?? :(



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