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This year I will begin to teach Delani to read. I am going to admit that teaching reading is not my favorite subject to teach. I used Phonics Pathway with Destini and Chantry and while they did learn to read I wanted more of a writing component to go with the reading portion. So after doing some research I have settled on Memoria Press First Start Reading. Since her oldest sister needed vision therapy, I will be watching her closely to see if see if she has any struggles in this area.

My other focus with Delani this year is to do a lot of read-alouds. I haven't quite sorted out exactly what I'm going to use, but I'll will be referencing Ambleside Online's Year 0 list and I am also seriously considering investing in My Book House Set. (My local library carried these books and I went to check one out to start reading to her. To my horror I discovered that the library got rid of them so they could add in piles of twaddly early readers. Ugh!!)

We use a lot of Charlotte Mason's methods in our homeschool, but I found when it came to grammar and writing I needed (not the kids) a more rigid method. So this year we are adding Rod and Staff grammar and composition to the mix. I think this will really help me keep them on the straight and narrow, though I do want to find the right balance and tweak it where necessary to make it work for us.

Chantry will be doing:
  • Grammar & Writing - Rod & Staff English 5. I think it will be a good fit for him. He will also start writing one written narration a week and for my writing phobic son this will be plenty.
  • Spelling You See - I reviewed this earlier this year and Chantry preferred it over what he was using. We will finish the Americana book and decide from there where to go.
  • Handwriting - He will be fine-tuning his cursive handwriting. I bought a couple of Christian Light Education Pentime Cursive books for him to work through and then we'll transfer over to copywork where he takes a typed out portion and writes it in cursive. 
  • Literature - This will include Bulfinch's Mythology - The Age of Fable and Ben-Hur by Lew Wallace. He will also join our Shakespeare readings on Sunday evenings. Normally we have two to three literature books, but I know that our third term of school tends to be busy with other things, so I am just going with Ben-Hur. I am hoping the extra time can be given to other read-alouds such as finishing up Swallows & Amazons Collection and a few others I have been wanting to read to him.
  • Free Reads - Ambleside Online Year 6 free reads. These are books based off of Ambleside Online that he will read or listen to throughout the year. He won't make it through them all, but the list gives him plenty of options.


Destini will be doing:
  • Grammar & Writing - Rod & Staff English Grade 6.  Destini hasn't done a lot of grammar so I am starting a little lower for her. If I see it is too easy then she can jump up to Grade 7. She has done Rod & Staff's spelling for the last few years and really has thrived with it, so I am hoping the grammar and writing will be a good fit. She will also be doing written narrations for history and science.
  • Spelling - Rod & Staff Grade 7. I can't begin to say how much I really like this spelling curriculum. The best thing is that it works. She is applying what she has learned to her writing.
  • Typing - This year the focus will be on picking up speed.
  • Literature - Same as Chantry's. We do this all together.
  • Free Reads - Ambleside Online Year 6 free reads. I usually put the more challenging books on her list since she is older.
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  1. I love seeing what others are doing for language arts! thank you for posting!

  2. Did you end up purchasing My Book House? I'm intrigued by it and would love a set myself! The only place I've seen it, though, is eBay.



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