Thursday, July 31, 2014

Read-Aloud Thursday: Delani's Read-Alouds

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Normally most of my Read-Aloud Thursday focus on what I've been reading to my older kids, but since they have been busy reading their own books for the library's summer reading program (Chantry is also reading for Exodus Book's summer reading program). Of course, for Delani to be involved in the summer reading program that has required me to do a lot of read-alouds with her.

Here is what we have been reading:

A classic.

Princess books are a big hit in this house. This was a fun read about a prince who has a big nose and a princess who has big feet. We actually had a talk about how it is wrong to judge someone according to their looks.

I discovered these at the library and Delani really likes them. If you like Fancy Nancy books these are very similar.

 I read Ready for Anything! by Keiko Kaska last year, but it didn't make the impression that My Luke Day did. My Lucky Day tells the story about a pig who gets captured by a fox and how the pig outsmarts the fox to get away.  This story was a lot of fun, but it was the ending that just made the book. My Lucky Day, Badger's Fancy Meal, and Silly Goose's BIG Story have been on the re-read list almost everyday.

And lastly:

Delani got interested in this book a few months ago, so I knew a reading a chapter book would help us meet the 20 minutes of reading for the library's summer reading program. Delani enjoyed this story, though she insisted on only one chapter a reading. I think she still prefers picture books, but doing some chapter reading is good practice for starting school.

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  1. These poor, neglected younger siblings! ;-)

    I want to read My Lucky Day!



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