Thursday, July 17, 2014

L is for Loose Teeth

Ben and Me 

L is for Loose Teeth

We had a unique situation happen in our house over the past week. My baby lost her first tooth, while the second youngest lost his last tooth.

Delani lost two teeth right in a row, one last Wednesday and the next one on Thursday. There was a lot of weeping and wailing and she walked around with some very floppy teeth before I finally told her they HAD to come out. I forgot how much drama goes with teeth pulling.

On the other hand, Chantry proceeded to pull out his last baby tooth on Tuesday. This kid doesn't go for drama when it comes to teeth pulling. He let his dad pull his first tooth and after that he pulled all the rest.

All this tooth pulling has made my mama's heart a little sad as I watch my kids' growing up waaay too fast for my liking! Childhood milestone's are quickly become things of the past.


  1. What unique timing that was! My youngest is at the age that I am expecting her first tooth to get loose any day now and I am not ready for it! May your mama's heart find joy to counteract the little bit of sadness that comes along with them spreading their wings each little bit. - Lori H

  2. We had to pull a baby tooth this week and I have a drama king. Still, I'm sad that that stage of life is almost over.

  3. That's a lot of teeth lost in just a week. I'm guessing the tooth fairy is going to be quite busy. Hahaha! Anyway, your kids are growing up pretty fast, aren't they? Next thing you know, they'll be losing the last of their baby teeth. Don't fret, though. I'm sure the moments to come will be beautiful as well. I wish you and the whole family all the best, Beth! :)

    Shannon Barrett @ Best Care Dental Center



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