Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Pushing Along

May 24 Collage 
 I am hoping that this Journal makes sense. I am holed up in my bedroom fight a major allergy attack which equates to a major brain fog. I have slowly been unpacking boxes, though I keep having inspirations which include moving a big buffet upstairs, a bookshelf in the bathroom (hey, there was room!) and my latest which will be moving 3 big (almost) full bookshelves from the living room to the back room. So you can see that I have a huge project facing me next week.

Our main focus has been working on school work. I have to admit that it is hard to be doing school and trying to get my brain wrapped around what I want to do for next year. One thing I do know is that I am not cut out for year-round schooling.

Here is what has been happening around here:
1. & 2.  Gifts I made. Decorated mini-composition books and magnets.
3. & 4. Baseball surrounds us!
5. & 6. It was our last event for our co-op. It ended with an art show. All the art that Delani (5) & Chantry (6) was displayed and then everyone voted on each child's favorite piece. At the end of the night they received a ribbon for their best piece. They also received awards for the presentations that they gave and accomplishments they did in P.E.
7. My new rose bush. There weren't any roses at our new house so I splurged and bought one for right now.
8. Destini has been really pushing through her spelling book trying to get it finished. I feel like I'm always giving a test.
9. This is our newest history read. We have a looong ways to go before we will be finished with this one. I do have an audio in case I can't stand it anymore, but for some reasons my kids retain so much more when I read it aloud vs. an audio book.

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