Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - A Job Well Done!

May 3 Collage 

This was our big week. The kids worked really hard on their projects for the West Coast ACTS Student Convention that they participated in. They entered in 21 different categories that included photography, sewing, art, recitations, chess, dramatic signing, track, basketball and preaching. Between all three kids they came home with 18 medals ranging from first to third place. Here is  small look at our week.

1. & 2. Destini's finished cross-stitch project and finished quilt. Out of all the events entered these ended up being the toughest and near the end required an all-nighter and half of another night. Needless to say we are still pretty tired.

3. Do you see that number? Yes, we had two days last week that were in the high 80s and even climbed into the '90s. These are very rare temperatures to see in Oregon at this time of year. I'm not too concerned since the weather is now back to its normal rainy, windy, 55-60 degree weather.

4. Shade broke down and got a smart phone and Caleb inherited his dad's old phone.

5. Chess playing at Student Convention. Caleb lost so he was eliminated. This was the only event he did that he didn't place in.

7. Basketball.

8. A job well done. (I will do a more complete post on their entries and winnings later this week.)

9. All finished and enjoying an sundae when it was all over.

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  1. She did beautifully on the cross stitch and the quilt! I couldn't have done better on the cross stitch and I've been doing it 20+ years! And she's far better than I at quilting ... I'm only able to do nine squares LOL



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