Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal - Snow Edition

February 8 

What a week! We have had a crazy week. Schoolwork was worked on, but I don't know how focused anyone was. Here is a quick run down:

1. Super Bowl Sunday and our team, the Seahawks are playing, right? I come in from running a quick errand Sunday and find Caleb dressed in Broncos colors!? He even owns a Seahawks' tie!! Needless to say I told him he could show team spirit and wear his Seahawks' tie to church and I didn't think the Lord would be offended. The Seahawks stomped the Broncos which made from some happy kids.

2. Last Friday morning my husband and flew to Arkansas to preach for a friend and be with him for his special services. On Monday, he called to say that United had cancelled his flight due to weather. They said that they didn't have any more available flights and he would have to wait until Tuesday. I looked at the weather forecast for Tuesday and told him he HAD to get out of there since I didn't think his chances of leaving on Tuesday looked good either.

United kept insisting they didn't have anything until they were asked for a refund of his ticket since a ticket could be bought on Frontier that would have him in Portland by Monday night. Amazingly, United all of sudden found a flight on Delta and so he flew from Little Rock to Detroit and then finally home to Portland. My kids were pretty ecstatic, especially since they thought he might not make it home on Monday.

3. Tuesday I had check the weather forecast which claimed that they was no precipitation in the forecast and conditions were going to dry for the next six hours. Then I walked out the door and saw this:  huge, and I mean huge snowflakes. I should have known then we were going to be in for quite a week since...

4.  by Thursday the snow finally started to fall. It took a while for it to fall on our side of town but by Thursday night it was starting to accumulate. By Friday it was really building up. My husband had to go to work Friday morning and ended up with his recycle truck in the ditch. Then on the way home he said cars were spinning out on all sides of him and said it was only the Lord that kept him safe. Thank you, Jesus! (Shade and Chantry are trying to catch the snowflakes in their mouth.)

5 & 6. The only thing to do now was to stay in the house. I got real domesticated by doing a bunch of sewing and baking an apple pie.

7. Yesterday, Shade, Delani, and Chantry went out and built a snowman (or is that a snowblob, it wasn't good snow for making snowmen). Delani has been in 7th heaven with all this snow.

8 & 9. We measured the snow in our backyard--9 1/2" and you can see from our car that it is pretty deep.
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  1. We got a bunch of snow this week, too! Glad your husband made it home safely-BOTH times :).

  2. this snow made the weather very cold. thanks for sharing it with us :)
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