Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Homeschool Mother's Journal: Random 5 on Friday (January 24)

The Pebble Pond
January 24 Collage
1. The girls' new bed and bulletin board. 2. Styling girl!
3. Tense moment during last Sunday's game between the 
Seahawks and 49's.4. I bought this cart for myself, but my daughter 
has hi-jacked it! 5. Decisions about Destini's quilt. 6. We started 
reviewing Kinderbach. 7. Chantry did a presentation at co-op on 
"How to Pitch a Baseball." 8. Spelling test. 
9. Destini working on cross-stitch.
1. The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Superbowl!! Football is always an intense season in our house, but this just threw it into overdrive. In fact, it has ME listening to sports talk radio to see what is being said. That's bad!!

2. I have discovered why moms cannot lose weight. I am a lifetime Weight Watcher's member and over the holiday my weight has gotten a little close for comfort. I was making dinner the other evening and realized I could make some extra brown rice and green peas and then save the rest for a couple of lunches. It would have been a great thought if everyone wouldn't have eaten all the green peas for dinner and my five year old would quit eating my brown rice!

3. My girls have had their new bed and I think we are making progress. Delani slept in it 4 out of 7 nights. That beats 7 out of 7 nights in my bed!

4. Destini started her sewing projects for ACTS Student Convention. She will be doing a cross-stitch picture and a quilt again.

5 Speaking of the Superbowl--I found this tonight on Facebook and just had to share:

Homegrown Learners
So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler?

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  1. We're big football fans too. Of course, our team (the Falcons) had an awful season, so it hasn't been quite as much fun as being a Seahawks fan would be right now :-) Have a good week!!



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