Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Football and a Crafty Idea!


Fall means football and listening to NFL and college football is big in this house!! When I first met my husband he had to teach me how to understand the game since I was totally clueless. I did my part keeping up with football for awhile until my boys were big enough to take over.

When Chantry was 3 he decided that the St. Louis Rams were his team. I'm not sure where this came from since we live in Oregon, but that was who he picked. So now our team loyalties are quite divided. My husband and Caleb go for the Seahawks, Chantry for the Rams, and I don't really care until the Green Bay Packers (my Wisconsin roots) play the Seahawks and then I go for the Packers. I know, I'm ornery!

So you are probably wondering where this post is heading. Well, with all this football loving it is easy to make my guy's day with a new Seahawks (or Rams) shirt and though Chantry will wear a Seahawks shirt the Rams is "his" team. Since we live in Oregon it isn't very easy to find football gear for my little Rams lover.

Thankfully, my parents are in the mid-west and occasionally make a trip to St. Louis. Several years ago Chantry had received a Rams shirt for a gift. He has worn this shirt for quite a while now and I finally had to tell him that it had to go since what had originally been a long sleeved shirt was now a 3/4 length shirt and it was just too small. Actually in the picture below it was already too short in the arms and he wore it for another year and half longer. So you can imagine how little it was on him now.

While folding up for the last time I really didn't have it in my heart to get rid of it, but how much stuff can you store? I decided to see if I could turn it into a pillow. Off I went to JoAnn's and found a little pillow form and came home and cut out the shirt, serged up the sides, stuffed it in, finished sewing the closure and had a pillow. The fun part was I didn't tell him what I was going to do so it was a total surprise for him and definitely made his day.

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